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o spread the benefits of the cooperative business model through educational and inspirational storytellin... (and maybe one day beyond)" * [coopData Data Model Analysis]( imization * Includes the "balanced scorecard" model, from conventional management scholarship, for co... aylor-learning_from_the_cooperative_institutional_model.pdf|Learning from the Co-operative Institutional
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nd as opposed to a loan or lien program, the PAYS model doubles the addressable market and increases the ... customers are willing to take on. * "The PAYS model is being rolled out to rural co-ops first, with t... s doing 200 home upgrades per year using the PAYS model, and anticipates an initial run of five years — u... - In North Carolina, often cited as a model of organizing. * [Upgrade to $ave](http://www
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fering-the-original-securities-based-crowdfunding-model/) * [Low-profit LLC]( mpanies-consent-and-safety-among-other-things)." _Model View Culture_. July 21, 2014. * [Greener Acres ... - a model for CSAs for industry * [SHARE Microcredit Pr... p Association for a Regional Economy (SHARE) is a model community-based nonprofit that offers a simple wa
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e Economics_. August 3, 2012. * [Viable Systems Model]( nd Michel Bauwens. "[PART THREE: THE HYPOTHETICAL MODEL OF MATURE PEER PRODUCTION: TOWARDS A COMMONS-ORIE... uption activist Karel Janeček began work on a new model voting system in 2012. The system, tested for the
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Kelso and Kelso (1986): The proposer of the ESOP model also proposes Consumer Stock Ownership Plans (CSO... supports and promotes the employee-owned business model to educate the staff at the office on the forms a... 09). * Michael, Christopher. _{{:public:michael-model_act.pdf|Model Employee Ownership Act}}_. COWS. * Molk, Peter. "[The Puzzling Lack of Cooperatives](htt
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of a reporter's visit to Rojava * "The Rojava model is based on two main pillars which may prove very... "[The 'Rojava Revolution' in Syrian Kurdistan: A Model of Development for the Middle East?](http://news.... rg/middle-east/rojava-revolution-syrian-kurdistan-model-development)." _Infoshop News_. December 11, 2016... nter IS, it seems, but their social and political model is to be starved to death." * Peterson, Matt an
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ssembly’s Overview: The Jackson People’s Assembly Model](" Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. November 28, 2... practice in Jackson tends towards the Constituent model, the aim is to grow into a permanent Mass Assembl... should be clear. * "In our People’s Assembly model, the People’s Task Force serves as the Coordinati
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velops from pitch through publication. Our unique model is called *public-powered journalism*." * klein... ch 28, 2013). * Roh, David S. "[The Open-Source Model: Versioning Literature and Culture](https://www.u
2 Hits, Last modified: - Multi-stakeholder co-op land ownership model * [Re:vision](http://www.revisioninternational.... utdoor professionals platform considering a co-op model * []( - not
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tegra Revolucio. * Troncoso, Stacco. "[A living model of open cooperativism](" P2P Foundatio
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wenty percent of their course grade. / Though the model being sold to students does not come equipped wit... rresponding religious strategies: "the prevention model invokes a health moralism reminiscent of Catholic
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hang, and Hongying Liu. "[An Improved Cooperative Model of P2P and ISP](
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vices to help organizations apply the cooperative model in community economic development" * [Christi
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tps:// model in the United States * [New Communities, Inc.
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, "[All in this together: How is the co-operative model coping with the recession?](http://www.economist.
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