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lett, Whitney. "[The Town Where Everyone Got Free Money]( study on basic income—i.e., giving people enough money to live on with no strings attached. I’ve been i... d cause prices to rise). And likely most of this money would be spent, providing some boost to the econo... ave a visceral dislike to the idea of giving away money (though I think some redistribution of wealth is
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rrency Community and decentralized approaches to money, exchange, and related concepts. * [Community ... a set of free softwares designed to create a free money system based on a decentralized human P2P network... /2014/08/new-digital-currency-aims-to-unite-every-money-system-on-earth/) * [Syscoin](http://syscoin.or... :// * [Bitcoin vs. e-money](
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So it was that, instead of working to make extra money or profit, they worked in order to better themsel... azon and other retailers from trying to save more money by laying off security staff that conduct screeni... on work and liberation and resistance to serving money #### Medieval sources * Thomas Aquinas: "To l... m to provide its workers with sufficient time and money to pursue their spiritual practice in ways other
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of the least powerful. It allows people with big money to control people with no money, low money and small money in many ways including politically because the people with the money the determinant of
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context, the fear of "Red danger." * "Men and money sent with missionary motivation carry a foreign C... p up any social or political system. When men and money are sent into a society within the framework of a... sibility of profiting from these." * "Next to money and guns, the third largest North American export... "How odd that nobody ever thought about spending money to educate poor Mexicans in order to prevent them
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nders Club]( * [Slow Money]( * [Slow Money NYC]( * [Religious Communities Investment Fund](http://rci
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l telephone cooperatives that are getting federal money to expand broadband access * chisholm, matt. "[... cy mishandled several billion dollars of stimulus money trying to expand broadband coverage to rural comm
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) programs, in effect lending the consumer enough money to pay for home or business energy efficiency imp... - "CPA helps community institutions save money and do good, together. With CPA, churches, synago
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s in turn channeled a flow of Federal agriculture money into the organization, thus improving its economi... he problem in its own way. It has refused Federal money." * "Black cooperatives are chiefly in need o
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g line of credit", CEO G. Krista Morgan * [Slow Money]( * [StartWise](http://w... edia and technology to advance social equity" ## Money * [Boulder Currency](http://new.bouldercurrenc
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* Shamah, David. "[App lets you share rides, make money, change the world](" _The Times of Israel_. Decem
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nding them together in a network where the use of money is either minimised or eliminated altogether. … S
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hip to labor. Now, labor should be paid only with money, and other kinds of benefits of citizens should b
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_. Polity, 1990. * Adam, Barbara. "When Time Is Money: Contested Rationalities of Time in the Theory an
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ork. * Eisenstein, Charles. _[Sacred Economics: Money, Gift & Society in the Age of Transition](http://
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