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ice, but "AMT workers are highly individualistic. Most of them, at least occasionally, work HITs which v... carefully whether the HIT was done perfectly."---"Most of what came up were surveys, though, and almost ... * "My pay was pretty low, but that wasn’t the most frustrating part of it. For me, it was the lack o... was doing, and poorly designed HITs that were the most frustrating. I had no idea which jobs would be go
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ality, median income (and therefore the income of most families) has risen, and is now rising, much more... can do 8 hours, knowledge workers are supposedly most efficient for closer to 6. * Even so, does pa... time)." _Scientifc American_. * evidence that most experts do their thing for no more than 4 hours ... mericans work more hours per year than workers in most other rich countries, in large part because Ameri
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ike this would cause prices to rise). And likely most of this money would be spent, providing some boos... l doesn’t address the fundamental issue—I believe most people want to be productive. And I think figuri... asic-income)." March 21, 2014. * "It is the most efficient possible form of wealth redistribution ... that humans should have to work after automating most of life. We should prefer to live in a world whe
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he loan amount through the monthly electric bill. Most co-op OBF programs are aimed at efficiency measur... e available to the co-ops serving the poorest and most sparsely settled areas, Case explains in his book... ass meaningful legislation to address some of the most pressing issues facing the country." * "For c... Summer 2008). * "This Essay demonstrates that most distribution co-ops have a financial incentive to
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d electrifying 75% of the nation’s landmass" * "Most of the nation’s 2 million farmers belong to a far... rity of cooperatives are owned by consumers, with most producer cooperatives existing in the agricultura... pproximately 250,000 Kenyans are employed or gain most of their income from co-operatives." * "In Cana... by the end of the decade succeeded in convincing most states to pass restrictive laws that effectively
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st_. March 26, 2016. * "Profits have risen in most rich countries over the past ten years but the in... et and Capital Group. Together they own 10-20% of most American companies, including ones that compete w... / Restoring anti-monopoly law could be one of the most significant policy acts of the next administratio... The Guardian_. August 30, 2017. * "[The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data](htt
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But, "I was equally impressed by the hypocrisy of most of you: by the hypocrisy of the atmosphere prevai... the environment. Before, in any juridical system, most of the environment had been considered as commons from which most people could draw most of their sustenance without needing to take recourse to the market. After enclos
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has 12,000 members throughout southern Louisiana. Most of the cooperatives, however, have arisen since t... lly controlled by a membership of 12,000families, most of whom live in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana." * "The most celebrated of the black cooperatives is the South
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business rather than a discipline." * "In the most recent period, many management educators have lar... om/corporate/institute/institute-insights.htm#ope-most)_. JPMorgan Chase Institute, 2016. * "The Onl... ading innovations across Europe * "Two of the most outspoken critics of the guild system were Jean-J
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l under KUSCCO under a similar structure." * "Most of the primary cooperatives in Kenya have their o... d promotion of cooperative development, which saw most of the people join cooperatives not on the basis
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* Duran, Enric. "[I have robbed 492000 euros whom most rob us in order to denounce them and build some a...
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rkers and businesses that need profit-sharing the most." * 2016 [Republican Party platform](http://www
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democracy stays autocratic"---"the decline in the most egregious forms of backsliding and the decline in
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d development. Similarly, in the mobile industry, most countries have established that a cellphone numbe
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re used to determine which policies will have the most positive effect" * Harquail, CV. "[Pattern Lang
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syntax @wiki
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