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* Blythe, Mark et al. "[Now the Bank of England needs to deliver QE for the people](http://www.theguard... conomics-blog/2015/may/21/now-the-bank-of-england-needs-to-deliver-qe-for-the-people)." _The Guardian_. M... ook Abundance, that the cost of meeting the basic needs of every man, woman and child on this planet will... roduction—year after year after year—some of that needs to be reinvested in society." * Waldman, Steve
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" _Slate_. October 16, 2014. * "[Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime]( o create a more sensible balance between business needs and employee demands. * "workers should have ... s to work fewer than 10 hours a week" to meet our needs. More recently, Harvard economist Juliet Schor ha... thoroughly Convinced that there is something else needs Caring for more than this world" (15, from the se
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jective is to be self-sufficient in meeting basic needs such as food and fuel. At the moment this is less... uly 2012. Councils began struggling to meet basic needs and implement price controls. * "Soon after t... atic control." * "In Rojava’s social economy, needs are determined not by state or capital but by the... mmune alone is not in a position to cover its own needs, so communes must network through the their econo
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rofit), indigenous, participatory, based on human needs, humane values, and ecological sustainability." ... develop tools and build platforms that meet your needs." * [CodeSolid]( - "are a... tware engineers building a community to serve the needs of our members. Our goal is to provide support to
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glish language file * Copy only the strings that needs to be modified */ $lang['js']['nosmblinks'] = ''... be shown before the video has started. That image needs to have the same filename as the video and be eit... can be done to produce any kind of HTML, it just needs to be added to the [[doku>entities|pattern file]]
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Andy Green. _[Reviving Antitrust: Why Our Economy Needs a Progressive Competition Policy](https://cdn.ame... ws/briefing/21695385-profits-are-too-high-america-needs-giant-dose-competition-too-much-good-thing)." _Th
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ny people at home looking for cash to cover their needs." * "in February 2010, I conducted a new surv... employers to reject work that does not meet their needs, but also enables wage theft." * "In recent y
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s ===== Create your first pages ===== Your wiki needs to have a start page. As long as it doesn't exist
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e must find a way to rethink problems so that the needs of a broad group of stakeholders are addressed, a
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assets in urban areas for a variety of community needs such as schools, affordable housing, community ce
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complete software license that fits your business needs" ## Mapping * Collins, Katie. "[Crowdsourced
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s and services on which the satisfaction of basic needs by consumers depends. This transformation is in t
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ommon resources allowed to a person to meet their needs * Magna Carta: a widow "shall have meanwhile
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of cooperatives in building an economy around the needs of the poor * Cooperatives contribute around
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mpanies out as “middlemen” and cover everyone who needs access to doctors. / The flash mobs are scheduled
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