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nd]( * [Network Startup Resource Center]( - "We... training and engineering assistance to enrich the network of networks" * Huter, Steven. "[How the Network Startup Resource Center helps bring Internet access to... ld](
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[SMartBE]( - Belgian freelancer network spreading to countries across Europe ### Co-wor..., the "Open Value Network (OVN) is an approach to commons-based peer produc... Culture_. July 21, 2014. * [Greener Acres Value Network]( - "a resource f... p:// * "[Many-to-many innovati
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stitute%20for%20Governance/Centers/Center%20for%20Network%20Leadership/Pages/default.aspx) at CU Denver *... elves financially" * [Community Wealth Building Network]( * [De... ensure that the Denver Metro is home to a dynamic network of effective shared space centers through program... O set to open in August, 2017" * [Denver Action Network]( - a defu
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siness incubation * [[Enspiral]] - cooperative network founded in New Zealand * [](http:... amp]( - "an innovative network of member-owned business accelerators dedicated t... * [We Own It]( - "The national network for cooperative members' rights, education, and o... net/library/) for more. * Cohen, Boyd. "[How a Network of Platform Co-op Accelerators Could Support Shar
8 Hits, Last modified: - "Factom is a distributed record-keeping network for securing millions of realtime records in the ... e money system based on a decentralized human P2P network." * [Otonomos]( - "Onl... ry out an attack, and that the variability of the network allows those normally below the threshold to peri... it. * Levin, Jonathan. "[Why a Faster Bitcoin Network Would Keep Fees Low](
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ation (CFC)]( * [Pylon Network]( - "The first decentralized energy exchange platform powered by renewable ener... energy cooperative. We operate within a regional network of Community Energy Cooperatives to create a mult... just energy future." * [Cooperative Leadership Network]( * [Dairyland Power Cooperat
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o-changezara)." * Retail Action Network's [Just Hours]( rent]( e:de graaf john) * [Work and Family Researchers Network]( * [Work Less ... * [Work and Family Researchers Network]( * Scanlon,
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x ## Current Advocacy * [Basic Income Canada Network]( * [Basic Income Cr... p:// * [Basic Income Earth Network](, based in Belgium ... "Member of the USBIG Network and mod of /r/BasicIncome." * "[Why Should We... projects/basicincome-co-a-peer-to-peer-safety-net-network--2) * Based on [RESILIENCE](http://www.resili
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Liquid Democracy Experiment on a Corporate Social Network]( RDS_A_COMMONS-ORIENTED_ECONOMY_AND_SOCIETY)." In _Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative ... * [Airesis]( - "the social network for e-democracy" * [Barcelona en Comú](http://r... ed for social networking, group collaboration and network organizing" * [Debate Hub](
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ng personal income and benefits" * "Given the network effects at play, a few companies have emerged as ... ed into open markets; others require us to accept network monopolies and regulate their power instead." ... es "there may be something about an online social network or a search engine that lends itself to becoming ... ebook as a "social utility" rather than a "social network?" Zuckerberg: I think there's confusio
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ck in the margins of a text" * [Digital Commons Network]( - "brings together free, full-text scholarly articles from hundreds of univ... Matt. "[Uncommonly Open: The New Digital Commons Network](
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ad the La’Zooz app and enroll in the ride-sharing network. When enough people in an area join (based on stu... ill be able to “hail” a ride with a member of the network who is driving in their direction." * "'There
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Energy ## Community energy * [Community Power Network]( * Solar Uni... of solar co-ops; subsidiarity of Community Power Network * Solarize, a phenomenon that began in Portland
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r consumers. / The same is possible in the social network space. It is sufficient to reassign to each custo... k competitor — call it MyBook — and, through that network, instantly reroute all our Facebook friends’ mess
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# Enspiral "A virtual and physical network of companies and professionals working together to create a thr... from a bold experiment — creating a collaborative network that helps people do meaningful work" * [GitHub
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