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and working method" * Levi, Simona. "[Working Notes for a R-evolution](" September 20, 2011. * Levi, Simona. "[Notes for a R-evolution 2 (version 2.0): Stage two: Vic
3 Hits, Last modified:" _Labor Notes_. October 29, 2014. * Greenhouse, Steven. "[In ... he New York Times_. August 14, 2014. * Midnight Notes Collective. "Prologue to the Use of Machines." {{... _Public Culture_ 25, no.1 (2013): 5-23. * See notes in author page linked above. * Taylor, Sunny. "
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verything for Everyone}} This is a collection of notes about various forms of commons-based self-organiz... It is an experiment in [[:open research]]. These notes may be considered to be in the [public domain](ht
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s consolidation theory is not adequate. * Notes that majority support for democracy is no protect... ry_ 13, no. 1 (2013). * "Derrida particularly notes democracy’s affirmation of its incommensurable du
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o be especially sympathetic. * Beuret, Nic. "[6 Notes on the Economics of the Rojava Revolution](" _No
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This links to [[syntax#internal|this Section]]. Notes: * Links to [[syntax|existing pages]] are show... ike [[\\server\share|this]] are recognized, too. Notes: * For security reasons direct browsing of win
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f social movement vehicle." * Some historical notes on what assemblies can accomplish in various kind... ime," "hey and hello," and "Free the land!" * Notes the 50th anniversary of the death of "our wonderf
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tive-identity-values-principles) * _[Guidance Notes to the Co-operative Principles]( International Co-operative Alliance,
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f)." _Voluntas_ 15, no. 3 (September 2004). * Notes at [[Italian Cooperatives]] * USDA Rural Develo
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an, Aral. "[Ello, Goodbye](" September 26, 2014. * Robert
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* {{ :source:speiser-a_piece_of_the_action.pdf |Notes}} * Shapiro, T. Rees. "[Stuart M. Speiser, at
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/375600/)." _The Atlantic_. August 6, 2014. * Notes the trend toward "simplification" in conservative
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uncritical imagination and sentimental judgment." Notes the Cold War context, the fear of "Red danger."
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ias]( * [Midnight Notes Collective]( * [On th
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Success](source:linebaugh jubilating)." _Midnight Notes_ 10 (1990). * Linebaugh, Peter. _[The Magna Car
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