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ikipedia-social-scientists-create-a-revolution-in-online-surveys/) - the new thing ### Regulation * "[... privacy, more. ## Amazon Mechanical Turk Went online in 2005. Name comes from [the Turk](https://en.wi... ngle most important advantage of MTurk over other online recruitment tools is often ignored. Although the ... rmation economy, from telegraph messenger boys to online chatroom moderators" * Microlabor allows empl
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# Bibliography * _[Paychecks, Paydays, and the Online Platform Economy]( ost)_. JPMorgan Chase Institute, 2016. * "The Online Platform Economy attracted individuals across the... employers." * "Groups called guilds exist in online communities such as massively multiplayer online games." * Lucassen, Jan, Tine De Moor, and Jan Luiten
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up to help small democratic groups to do process online. It provides structure to improve the efficiency ... f strategies and implementation of digital tools, online participatory processes and collective work throu... ctivists working since 2008 in fields related to: online democracy (participation mechanisms and citizen c... as users, publics and producers, in the flesh and online." At McGill University. * []
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ake seriously the threats to competition posed by online platform monopolies. Firms like Amazon, Facebook,... marketplace."—"Unlike railroads, however, today’s online platforms also collect reams of information that ... Bannon believes "there may be something about an online social network or a search engine that lends itse
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) - "a new initiative whose purpose is to promote online learning technology to support the diffusion of c... mmunity Economic Development]( * St. Mary's University in Halifax, N
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le all over the world to build companies together online" * [Consensys]( .k.a. JoatU) is a revolutionary, community-based, online economic system" * [Holochain]( ork." * [Otonomos]( - "Online company formation and digitized governance" * [
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oop]( - "What if there was an online directory of co-ops that anyone could search, con... elopment of Mondragon * Mathews, Race. [Various online texts]( * McL
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]( - "a virtual global online monastery offering pilgrimages, online classes and retreats, reflections, and resources which integrate c
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p:// - "an aggregator and online marketplace of locally grown and sustainably prod... p:// - "an aggregator and online marketplace of locally grown and sustainably prod
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014. * De Ceunynck, Katrien. "[FairCoin, a Fair Online Crypto Currency at the Service of Co-ops](http://..." _Cryp
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l of Democracy_ 28, no. 1 (January 2017). * "[Online exchange on 'Democratic Deconsolidation,'"](
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cious computing: how to take control of your life online](
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p:// * "A guide to online journalism" * Dormant on [Github](https://git
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ng society" based in Wellington, New Zealand. ## Online tools * [CoBudget]( * [E
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// - "Citizens Online Income New Zealand (COINZ) is a Christchurch-base
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