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A's Seven Principles]( * _[... even-cooperative-principles) from Willy Street Co-op * Hoyt, Ann. "[And Then There Were Seven: Coo... pdf), * "1 in 3 Americans is a member of a co-op and they collectively hold 350 million membership... nation’s 2 million farmers belong to a farmer co-op and provide 250,000 jobs and over $8 billion in a
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amount through the monthly electric bill. Most co-op OBF programs are aimed at efficiency measures lik... nergy services, a solid OBF program can help a co-op maintain its role of trusted energy advisor" ... and worker equity." Based in the DC area. * [Co-op Power]( - "a c... ed energy" * Kit Carson * Logan, J. R. "[Co-op aim: solar summers by 2022](http://www.taosnews.c
15 Hits, Last modified: - Multi-stakeholder co-op land ownership model * [Re:vision](http://www.r... in Farmers Union]( * [Co-op Development Center]( ## Art * [Creative Strat... - a defunct worker co-op incubator * [Food co-op directory](http://www.c
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30, 2016 * [Co-operative College]( - "An educational charity dedicated to th... [Co-operative Education Conference]( * [Green Worker Cooperatives - Co-op Academy]( -do/education/summer-camp/) (ages 7-18) * [Co-op Development Center](
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ind? ## Credit union lending cap Many worker co-op advocates believe that if credit unions had a low... s" * H.R.3677 (2011-2012) proposed loans for co-op startups * McCauley (2017): Congressional bill ... Center * Valente (2017): Rhode Island worker co-op incorporation statute ## Organizational structur... ects city funds to CBOs and unions to increase co-op development capacity (Schlachter 2016) * McCaul
7 Hits, Last modified: * [Renaissance Community Co-op]( - "The RCC mission ... change_. Duke University Press, 2017. * _Co-op News_ [review]( ruary 24, 2011. * [Harry Belafonte's housing co-op activism]( ives) were an influence for black agricultural co-op organizers * King, Martin Luther * Cropp, M
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flexible withdrawal * Legally recognized co-op associations perform audits of their members; ind... ual funds, and upon dissolution the value of a co-op goes to the funds as well. * "Although law is... onfcooperative Emilia-Romagna is the Christian co-op association in the region. It has various sub-fed... h goes to the movement (not to members) if the co-op is dissolved. In 1983, they became able to own ca
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ndonesia Mandiri (KDIM), an Indonesian telecom co-op that offers its own locally built smartphone ... fit internet infrastructure in Oakland" * [Co-op ISP thread]( rson, Nate. "[Sticking it to l’homme: Canadian co-op forms own ISP](" _Ars Technica_. October 10, 200
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n hold a management position in a commune or a co-op. … In addition, there is a separation between man... case studies about co-operatives and the wider co-op economy in each area can be collected, making it ... . * Radical Routes. "[Support Women's Worker Co-op Bakery in Rojava](" GEO. December 5, 2016. * TATOR
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owned by 1,000 consumers * Lincoln, Murray - co-op entrepreneur * Nationwide - Mutual insurance co... ]( - massive farmer co-op * Wendy's, based in Columbus, has a purchasing co-op in its supply chain
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he Social Network That Pays You to Friend]( ly new and unique business model—a hybrid of a co-op and a start-up. Everyone earns equity in the comp
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ownership plan * Likens it to a producer co-op (or consumer co-op) * For companies or utilities with consistent, long-term customer base, cust
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r-trade smartphone available through The Phone Co-op in the UK * [forum discussion](https://forum.... o-a-multi-stakeholder-cooperative/10943/11) on co-op conversion * Huawei - a large, controversial, w
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r than subsidies](
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oting System May Offer Advantages for Changing Co-op Sector." _Rural Cooperatives_. July/August 2017.
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