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n the Community of Work in Boimondau, France: "In order to make a living they had to produce a specified ... ing to make extra money or profit, they worked in order to better themselves. … / They did not work overt... time. That is, they speeded up at the machines in order to have extra time. And therefore that time was c... ll or the greatest part of their time in labor in order to procure a living, and enjoy all the comforts a
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ation and qualifying facilities. * 2006.10.20: [Order 288 from FERC]( ic co-ops work. * 2015.06.18: [FERC Declaratory order on DMEA's obligation to buy from QFs](https://www... 2015.10.15: [FERC Denial of clarification of DMEA order]( Rural Electrification Administration by executive order * 1936: **Congress** passed the Rural Electrifi
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s mission field as to become an anthropologist in order not to have to accept this one people as his by b... ive to Mexico. I wanted to make this statement in order to explain why I feel sick about it all and in order to make you aware that good intentions have not muc... about spending money to educate poor Mexicans in order to prevent them from the culture-shock of meeting
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productivity imperative. We work on ourselves in order to be productive, but without an overarching refe... ngs Done”®: Productivity, self-management and the order of things]( _Things_Done_Productivity_self-management_and_the_order_of_things)." Draft. * "This chapter makes con... ine, _Confessions_. * Brooks, David. "[The Good Order](
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Shareable_. July 20, 2017. * [Robert's Rules of Order]( ## Government * Lustbader, Sarah. "[The Rea
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fees to continue to see confirmation times of the order they are used to. When fees increase then miners ... to hook it up to APIs where it will automatically order your groceries for you. It’s crazy but it’s going
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ystem" * "The guilds also maintained funds in order to support infirm or elderly members, as well as ... atives on the first page, and deals with them (in order to dismiss them) elsewhere for the sake of the pu
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"[I have robbed 492000 euros whom most rob us in order to denounce them and build some alternatives soci... at/en/i-have-robbed-492000-euros-whom-most-rob-us-order-denounce-them-and-build-some-alternatives-society
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* Yugoslavia has had to pass an antitrust law in order to prevent companies from manipulating prices by
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al, or that enforcers should harness antitrust in order to promote progressive redistribution. Instead we
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project, to copy the source code of something in order to adapt and modify it. * Consider canon 13 o
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ce:grange-digest_of_laws_2016.pdf|Digest of Laws: Order of Husbandry}}. The National Grange. 2016. ## Bi
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ory for cash crop farmers to join cooperatives in order to market coffee, cotton, pyrethrum and milk."
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a collective affair" * "we’ve done things in order to raise revenue, which is going to go into our i