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[National Women's Law Center]( ## Academ... [National Women's Law Center]( * [Reclaiming our time]( at the Center for a Ne... does paid employment really deserve the whole of our available energy for work? * The reality of com
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kson]( * "[Our story](" ... lines about how things should be clear. * "In our People’s Assembly model, the People’s Task Force ... roots Movement fights for alongside the masses of our people. If these demands are not met we call on our people to become 'ungovernable' through massive di
12 Hits, Last modified: based in Frytown, Iowa * "[Our Renewable Energy Story]( lectric Cooperative * "[Sharing Insights of Our Experience with Pay As You Save® (PAYS®)](http://... racy Project]( - "Our mission is to help rural communities restore demo... 16. * “We really do feel quite confident that our Co-ops Vote program had significant impact on vot
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on: "All these things God created, He put them in our large home, the world, without surrounding them w... cognizes as useful." * 1930s: Huey Long's Share Our Wealth movement called for a guaranteed income of... e which God has given to each of us regardless of our undeserving. Guaranteed income will be a recognit... es-in-kenya/) * 2006: Charles Murray's book _In Our Hands_ called for a $10,000 cash grant to replace
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JOBS Act]( * [JOBS exemption and ... oader disposition." * "Khurana concludes that our industry’s focus shifted from business’ social du... * "Khurana’s analysis is powerful, but I see our industry’s history differently, and this leads me... change is produced by participants as a result of our activity" * [Colony]( - "A p
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.org) * Kahle, Brewster. "[Difficult Times at our Credit Union](" _Internet Archive Blogs_. Novemb... nging deeply reported, global stories straight to our digital readers" * Shavin, Naomi. "[Is New Jo... e had no investors. We did it alone, believing in our power and abilities'](
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# Mathews, Jobs of Our Own Mathews, Race. _Jobs of Our Own: Building a Stakeholder Society: Alternatives to the Market and t... e_. Pluto Press, 2009. {{:source:mathews-jobs_of_our_own-1.jpg?direct&300|}} {{:source:mathews-jobs_of_our_own-2.jpg?direct&300|}} {{:source:mathews-jobs_of
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"RedLine is a non-profit contemporary art center. Our vision is to empower every person to create socia... oration, we count many in the B Corp community as our clients and friends." * [Boulder County Indepen... terSector L3C]( - "Our social mission is to help nonprofits become more ... h for the gold mines around Boulder in 1890s * [Our School Preschool](http://www.ourschoolpreschool.o
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e Bahn, and Andy Green. _[Reviving Antitrust: Why Our Economy Needs a Progressive Competition Policy](h... top of the income and wealth distribution" * "our argument is not that antitrust should embrace red... Policy_ 11, no 1-2 (February 2014). * "we use our theoretical insights to examine whether (a) leadi... the structural lack of competition that afflicts our economy." * Transition from original mission:
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id. "[Ubiquitous Commons: The Struggle to Control Our Data](" March 19, 2015. ### Bibliography * Be... D. T. Mongan. _All You Can Pay: How Companies Use Our Data to Empty Our Wallets_ (Nation Books, 2015) * Couldry, Nick. "[The Price of Connection: 'Surveil
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Shenzhen would eventually allow us to fast track our ASIC production when the time came." * "We ca... erful, and then move onto a new project. That was our main goal. We wanted to prevent this potential mo... o ourselves and simply mining, but that was never our intention. … If we wanted to maximize our profit, we could charge much more. For us, this has always b
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hurch; taste the bitterness of the damage done by our sacrifices?" * "This kind of foreign generosi... frantically attempt to construct it according to our own cloudy cultural image. We want to build commu... ing to express itself among men. In fear, we plan our Church with statistics, rather than trustingly se... tended to do." * "Come to look, come to climb our mountains, to enjoy our flowers. Come to study. B
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ding the platform], we need to be compensated for our time" * [Mturk Forum]( ... the Services or any transaction." * "We (and our Affiliates) act only in the capacity of a payment... as those obtained via traditional methods" * "Our analyses…of worker motivation suggest that they a..." * "We were biased – decidedly so." "Our biases were validated by some workers and challen
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diagnosis in the first place. The real source of our current problems is the increased class polarizat... End of the Consolidation Paradigm: A Response to Our Critics" * Clarifies the scope of their a... ating, then there is strong evidence for revising our assumptions regarding the stability of longstandi... ory." (70) * "Rather, he enjoins us to change our relationship with foundations, to embrace them te
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er, Jason. [To Save Net Neutrality, We Must Build Our Own Internet]( has been providing telecommunications services to our owner/members since 1949" in western Iowa * h... ite of services designed to make your ISP better. Our TrueBand line of services delivers true solutions
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