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al assistance for, the creation of employee stock ownership plans" ## Antitrust ### Conversion Cooperative... [An Act relative to job creation through employee ownership]( (2014), 942, on how regulation benefits investor-ownership: "Several agriculture and insurance cooperatives ... market contracting problems that made cooperative ownership attractive. Because of today's more rigorous anti
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alth, I mean a system of interlocking cooperative ownership structures in all industries and all sectors of t... ooperative law" * [National Center for Employee Ownership]( * [National Cooperative ... ( * [Ohio Employee Ownership Center]( at Kent State U... rom the Data Commons Cooperative * [Internet of Ownership]( - For platform
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# Employee ownership (and worker control) Not including outright [[cooperativism]]. ## Codetermination *... licly traded corporations to adopt 5-20% employee ownership * 1984-1997: Amendments to IRS code [section 10... for private businesses to switch to >30% employee ownership * HW Bush eliminated tax incentives for ESOPs i... flexibility. We therefore endorse employee stock ownership plans that enable workers to become capitalists,
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# Louis Kelso Creator of the employee stock ownership plan and more. * Louis Kelso was born in Denver, [[... ergraduate and law degree. * His first employee ownership experiment was with the Penninsula Newspapers in ... cratizing Capitalism" * ESOP - employee stock ownership plan * MUSOP - mutual stock ownership plan * Among smaller companies, allows workers across severa
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such as cooperatives and other forms of community ownership. ## Corporate and legal structures * [B Corp... ." _Shareable_. July 14, 2014. * Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) * [[#fair_trade|Fair trade]] * Fo... anks might make things worse. Instead, let's take ownership](" _The Guardian_. April 14, 2016. ## Open valu
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# Consumer ownership Especially through consumer stock-ownership plans, proposed by [[Louis Kelso]], not consumer [[cooperativism]]. ## General * "[Consumer Stock Ownership Plans](" Center for Economic and Social Ju
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# Information ## Data ownership ### Projects * * [HATDeX]( - "Us... b applications work today, resulting in true data ownership as well as improved privacy" * [Ubiquitous Comm... The Conversation_. September 22, 2016. * "[Data ownership articles]( hics. * Evans, Barbara J. "[Much Ado about Data Ownership](
6 Hits, Last modified: - Multi-stakeholder co-op land ownership model * [Re:vision](http://www.revisioninternat... women as community leaders, and to grow community ownership in Denver" * Kornacki, Eric. "[How to Build a... w-income community." * [Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center]( - "stimulates employee-ownership opportunities within the Rocky Mountain region in
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41: "the limited empirical studies on cooperative ownership versus investor ownership performance generally suggest cooperatives have lower failure rather than comparab... e and Implications for Broad-based Employee Stock Ownership and Profit Sharing]( e-and-implications-for-broad-based-employee-stock-ownership-and-profit-sharing)_. Third Way, ?. * Bogetoft,
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inese hardware company; see [[enterprise#employee_ownership]] * [Purism]( - "Laptops and T... d_. March 11, 2015. ### Related * [[Employee_ownership#technology_companies|Employee ownership - technology companies]] ## Free software ### Organizations * [
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irms. Coupled with an increasing concentration of ownership, this means the fruits of economic growth are bei... /06/29/disaster-cooperativism/)." The Internet of Ownership. June 29, 2016. * Smith, Eve. "[The techlash ag
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be more efficient, promote conservation, disclose ownership interests to customers, and, for larger co-ops, c... n as to when, if ever, members benefit from their ownership, has given them a government-like power to tax an
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re extreme inequality," citing inequality of coin ownership and mining power * "distributed technologies ... ibuted outcomes" * "The inequality of bitcoin ownership will inevitably further affect the structures tha
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s, participatory workplace practices and employee ownership…" * [UMass Cooperative Enterprise Collaborati... ies we want to work in we must reconstitute their ownership and governance in a way that will permit democrat
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otball team * Reed, Ken. "[Green Bay Packers’ Ownership Structure Remains the Ideal](" _League of Fans_.
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