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"[Cooperatives as a Social Enterprise in Italy: A Place for Social Integration and Rehabilitation](http:/... 05/Cooperatives-as-a-Social-Enterprise-in-Italy-A-Place-for-Social-Integration-and-Rehabilitation.pdf)." ... th-relevant and other personal data in one secure place" * [TheGoodData]( - "U... loyee Ownership and the Business of Community and Place_. Second edition. Chelsea Green, 2008. * An a
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n movements always seek to break contracts set in place by old regimes, whether it be peasant movements r... marketplace without the money" * Helsinki is a place where this has caught on * [hOurWorld](https://
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in Denver" * Kornacki, Eric. "[How to Build a Place-Based Economy Where You Live](http://www.tedxmile... ing programs focused on connections to others, to place and to self" * [Wiener, Jason](http://www.jrwie
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which God has taken in creating man in the first place. /n/nThis right to be is one which God has given ... ntral planning. I love that democracy is still in place. I love that people can still buy and sell things
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they shouldn't have been volunteers in the first place." * "If you have any sense of responsibility,... conversion story](
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icians should take to make New York City a better place," part of Devin Balkind's campaign for NYC Public
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meditation cushion as well as on it, and the work place can be a useful arena for this practice. > > A R
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ll permit democratic decision-making in the first place. One such response is that of member-owned and me
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als across the nation continue to analyze polling place returns and other data. / Phil Bashaw, director o
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hy cure requires a correct diagnosis in the first place. The real source of our current problems is the i
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ities, Entrepreneurs and the Political Economy of Place](
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12, no. 4 (December 1922). * Nourse, E. G. "The Place of the Cooperative in Our National Economy." _Ame
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S, the economic embargo against Rojava remains in place. Almost no humanitarian aid reaches Rojava. The t
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)." _The Atlantic_. November 13, 2015. * "One place to look for an answer: Apple’s App store, which,