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Ownership]( - For platform co-ops * []( - "... e-hock)." _Fast Company_. October 31, 1996. ## Platform cooperativism The most complete database of the platform co-op ecosystem is the [Internet of Ownership dir... /) for more. * Cohen, Boyd. "[How a Network of Platform Co-op Accelerators Could Support Sharing Cities](
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n Balkind's campaign for NYC Public Advocate ### Platform candidates * [Allman, Michael](https://allmanf... tp:// - mutual-credit-based platform for shared expenses in collectives * [Cobudget]... io]( - "the only 'always on' platform that works in both campaign and governance (comin... 15/03/barcelona-en-comu-guanyem/) * Decidim - platform of Barcelona city government: Stark, Kevin. "[Bar
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ography * _[Paychecks, Paydays, and the Online Platform Economy]( JPMorgan Chase Institute, 2016. * "The Online Platform Economy attracted individuals across the income s... -income participants relied more heavily on labor platform earnings." ## Guilds * Davidson, Adam. "[Wha... r activity" * [Colony]( - "A platform for open organisations" based on Ethereum * [Co
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g_donations_for_hits/) * [Discussion on a new platform]( . I have been extremely disappointed in the Mturk platform and the opaque and careless way that it is run. I... * "if we’re the ones doing it [building the platform], we need to be compensated for our time" * [Mt
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l of Farm Economics_ 48, no. 3 (August 1966). ## Platform economy antitrust * Alexandrov, Alexei, George... on the grounds that the market dominance of each platform is precarious * Hubbard, Sally. "[Why Fake News... iously the threats to competition posed by online platform monopolies. Firms like Amazon, Facebook, Google a... cases compete with those small companies so that platform can become a tool to snuff out competition.'"
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p:// * [Factom]( ]( - "a common financial platform, designed to be open and accessible to everyone" ... ke a stock, we look at it like technology. It’s a platform." * "it’s not about how much bitcoin is worth... ity Forge]( - Software platform * [Cyclos]( - Banking so
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ttps:// - Jimmy Wales' "news platform that brings journalists and a community 
of volun... edu/) - "An Intuitive, collaborative, open-source platform for scholarly publishing" from University of Minn... tps:// - Markdown/LaTeX/WYSIWYG platform for collaborative research documents * [HASTAC]... * Worden, Lee. "[WorkingWiki: a MediaWiki-based platform for collaborative research](http://lalashan.mcmas
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.org/) - "The first decentralized energy exchange platform powered by renewable energy" * Voinea, Anca. ... e was president." * **Reagan** * 1984: [GOP platform]( pr... is mandate, Matheson said, "gives us an important platform to talk about the Clean Power Plan and its impact
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* [OpenWISP]( - "a software platform that can be used to implement a complete Wi-Fi se... ttp:// - "a free and open source web platform that supports real-time sense-making and distribu... /project/concept-and-objectives) - "Techno-social platform for sustainable models and value generation in co
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posal-poses-concerns/) * 2016 [Democratic Party platform]( fit-sharing the most." * 2016 [Republican Party platform](
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* Black Lives Matter - Movement for Black Lives [Platform]( * [Economic Justice]( con
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Desta]( - Outdoor professionals platform considering a co-op model * [](htt... igitdemos]( - Polling platform for political option, delivered to politicians #
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Primary Public Policy Benefit - Brief Summary}}_. Platform Cooperativism Consortium, 2017. * Stephens, Sar
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// - custom financial platform ## Ventures [Full list](
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campaign, and the idea was part of the Democratic platform that year. [Gailbraith supported it](http://books
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