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- Cash transfers delivered as a form of monetary policy * Blythe, Mark et al. "[Now the Bank of Engla... an_. May 21, 2015. * Crook, Clive. "[Monetary Policy for the Next Recession](" _BloombergView_. May 31... in Switzerland * [UK Greens support it]( * [Uncondition
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# Policies for cooperation Policy proposals to support cooperative enterprise. ## Advocacy and convening... ity Right to Bid]( in the UK * Ma... rcora Law: an effective tool of active employment policy](" _Co-operative News_. September 22, 2015.
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ter - Movement for Black Lives [Platform]( * [Economic Justice]( contains 38 mentions ... ial support for alternative institutions]( ions-OnePager.pdf) * [Jobs program](
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: Why Our Economy Needs a Progressive Competition Policy]( /papers.cfm?abstract_id=2769132)." _Harvard Law & Policy Review_ 235 (2017). * Looks at monopoly and o... Membership Policies, Market Power, and Antitrust Policy](" _Journal... 3-0247-6)." _International Economics and Economic Policy_ 11, no 1-2 (February 2014). * "we use our th
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and tarrifs. [Here]( the distinctions are m... in_purpa_waiver.png?linkonly|public notice}} ## Policy and lobbying * [ACRE]( , urging the agency to consider a balanced energy policy." * "His wife Karen has been an active suppor... consistently engaged the electric cooperatives in policy deliberations and always took the time to underst
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ity employee-owned American supermarket chain ## Policy ### Chronology * 1974: Based on the ideas of ... ’s recommendations were adopted into U.S. foreign policy and were included as one of the World Bank’s “mar... Right to Own' John Lewis-style employee ownership policy](" _International Business Times_. Septem
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is in employment and consumer demand," the French policy of 35-hour workweek had mixed effects on gender a... n, an effect sometimes modulated by country-level policy measures." * US law is unusual in having no m... work-scheduling-and-its-consequences/)." Economic Policy Institute. April 9, 2015. * Lambert, Susan et a... [The End of Work](source:rifkin end of work)_ ## Policy * Baker, Dean. "[Leisure or unemployment? It's
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ent the cooperatives’ interests on all matters of policy and legal framework." * The Ethics Commission... Impacts of the New Integrated National Transport Policy: The Case of 14-Seat Transport SACCOs in Kenya](h... ish SACCOs. Criticizes the top-down nature of the policy and the lack of participatory design. * Gicheru
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h and care data]( lem)." Grassroots Economic Organizing. 2015. ## Policy * Sustainable Development Goals * [Co-ops
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/washington-automation-congress-politics-lobbying-policy-216216)." _Politico_. January/February 2018. ###... racy-participatory-reform-capitalism/)." _Foreign Policy_. March 16, 2015. * [PublicVotes](http://public
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and broadband coverage to rural communities" ### Policy * Polis, Jared and Karn Stiegelmeier. "[Overco... }}_. National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy, 2018. * Staltz, André, "[A plan to rescue the
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ml)." _Slate_. August 14, 1998. * On monetary policy in a baby-sitting time-banking co-op * [MI Alli
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ded and suspect" (304). * Quotes two official policy statements from the Business Roundtable. In 1990,
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specializing in cooperative businesses ### Co-op policy * [H. RES. 561 advocating co-ops, sponsored by
1 Hits, Last modified: In _The future of higher education: policy, pedagogy and the student experience_ (Continuum,
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