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ity; each change was a response to the events and political philosophies of the day." * With the rise of ... "a cadre of economists was anxious to advance the political impact of their theories that focused on the firm... volatile incomes, cheap credit, bargaining unit, political power. Were often at odds with the wealthy mercha... s was growing rapidly and making its way into the political and legal system. The French Revolution saw guild
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ith * Matsakis, Louise. "[Colorado Political Candidate Promises to Give His Seat to an App](ht..." ... Chafkin, Max. "[Why Y Combinator Funded a Radical Political Party in Argentina]( ator-chronicles/why-y-combinator-funded-a-radical-political-party-in-argentina)." _Fast Company_. March 12, 2
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ring the Great Depression]( hp#miners) ## Politics * Bauwens, Michel. "[A political evaluation of bitcoin](" P2P Foundatio... emselves with oligarchic forces and support their political programs of the dismantling of social solidarity
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cy and lobbying * [ACRE]( - "The Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE®) is the federal Political Action Committee (PAC) of the National Rural Elec... donations from credit union bodies throughout his political career; the Credit Union National Association’s political action committee was the seventh largest contribut
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image, a foreign pastoral approach and a foreign political message. They also bear the mark of North America... hemous to use the gospel to prop up any social or political system. When men and money are sent into a societ... olent, impotent, narcissistic and apolitical. The political process breaks down, because people cease to be a... ; they demand to be *managed*." * Proposes a "political ecology" in which "I shall distinguish the *envir
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Second, the obvious age pattern in indicators of political disaffection has little to do with generations; i... any democracies, electoral turnout, membership in political parties, and political trust have all declined." But many have tended to explain this as merely an outgrowth... of the Worldwide Governance Indicators that cover political stability, rule of law, or control of corruption
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o defend and expand their position by influencing political and regulatory decisions" * Khan, Lina and Sand... platforms amass greater unchecked power over our political economy, the FTC’s competition mandate has never ... assed not as technical economic regulation but as political law, to preserve self-governing communities and i... y original purpose: the diffusion of economic and political power." * "Some industrial activities, for ex
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uced a 35-hour workweek, despite the considerable political controversy and some loss of income growth, the v... Strike is saner than insurrection and surer than political action. And beyond it---after the storm---is a sc... * Baker, Dean. "[Leisure or unemployment? It's a political question]( id=M-pAAAAAIAAJ)_. * Luce, Stephanie. "[Time Is Political](
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is called a universal basic income." * "[The Political Economy of a Universal Basic Income](http://www.i... f American social life" * Flanigan, Jessica. "[Political Authority and the Basic Income](" _Bleeding Hear
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ial limitations (interest, access to information, political and ideological differences, etc.) of the people"... Jr. * 1969: Graduated from Kalamazoo College in political science. [Changed name]( ome citizens because I think their blend into the political process as well as the economic process could be
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rd. _[Recovery from Schizophrenia: Psychiatry and Political Economy]( overy%20from%20Schizophrenia%20Psychiatry%20and%20Political%20Economy.pdf)_. Third Edition. Brunner-Routledge... ll/10.1177/0486613416666533)." _Review of Radical Political Economics_ (February 2, 2017). * Explores the... March 2016. * Schneiberg, Marc. "[Movements as Political Conditions for Diffusion: Anti-Corporate Movement
3 Hits, Last modified: - "childcare as a political act supporting social justice" ## Cohousing [Di... rd. _[Recovery from Schizophrenia: Psychiatry and Political Economy]( Third editon. Br... tps:// - Polling platform for political option, delivered to politicians ## Tech * [B
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use she saw the link between education, jobs, and political influence." * First ran for state senate in... namics of the co-op’s economic growth has created political power. This power has in turn channeled a flow of
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" * The result is less time for recuperation or political activity or other forms of constructive leisure. ... * Following Pericles, suggests attaching basic income to participation in political activity, such as voting.
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tions, and then building systems to resolve those political differences, we built a system to make worker-emp... loyer relations visible and to provoke ethicaland political debate" * "Turkopticon grew out of a tactical
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