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Finance ### Financial institutions * [CoBank: Power]( - "a major provider of credit and financial... worker equity." Based in the DC area. * [Co-op Power]( - "a consume... ership Network]( * [Dairyland Power Cooperative]( - Wi
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resulted in reduced wages through greater market power * An influencing government: "When firms succ... ns" * Khan, Lina and Sandeep Vaheesan. "[Market Power and Inequality: The Antitrust Counterrevolution a... 235 (2017). * Looks at monopoly and oligopoly power as a mechanism of wealth inequality, "a powerful ... sive distributive effects" * Impact of market power on inequality is understudied, but it appears to
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than. "[A Techy Management Fad Gives Workers More Power—Up to a Point](http:///" _YES! Magazine_. September 30, 2015. ... rave Macmillan, 2014. * Restakis, John. "[Civil Power and the Partner State](http://commonstransition.o
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s, $1,000 machines are expected to have computing power comparable to the human brain, and the service in... entation. It distributes only abstract purchasing power; it cedes all regulation of real resources to ind... April 28, 2015. * "[Beyond Basic Income: The Power of Networks Putting People First]("
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operatives]] ## History ### Films * 1940: _[Power and the Land]( ng without Co-laboring: How Formal Organizational Power Moderates Cross-functional Interaction in Project... d no investors. We did it alone, believing in our power and abilities']( evelopment, and collaborative design to build the power of grassroots social movements" * [Sassafras Te
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tter Kelso. _[[Louis Kelso#Democracy and Economic Power|Democracy and Economic Power: Extending the ESOP Revolution]]_. Ballinger, 1986. ## Utilities * Croo... ewable Energy CSOPs: An updated Analysis for Wind Power Applications]( of Renewable Energy CSOPs: An Application to Wind Power Carsten Croonenbroeck and Pasqual Slevec](http://
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," citing inequality of coin ownership and mining power * "distributed technologies do not necessaril... ection, particularly the imperfection of those in power, but by implication the imperfection of everyone ... We need to be protected from ourselves by vesting power in lines of code that execute automatically." ... s to use seemingly unbreakable contracts to exert power."—"That is why liberation movements always seek t
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wableEfficiency/RenewableEnergy.aspx) * [United Power Cooperative]( - "a no... y News_. June 19, 2009. * Highlights United Power's solar farm ##### Related * [[cooperative_e... 3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to putting the power of media and technology in the hands of the peopl... ]( - "Putting the power of the media and technology in the hands of the p
4 Hits, Last modified: * Covington, Howard E. _Lending Power: How Self-Help Credit Union turned small-time loa... since that time out of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements. And have taken form as a discernible m... the co-op’s economic growth has created political power. This power has in turn channeled a flow of Federal agriculture money into the organization, thus improv
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the form of work and rest…He works with salvific power in the hearts of those whom from the beginning he... bove. * Taylor, Sunny. "[The Right Not to Work: Power and Disability](" _Monthly Review_. 55, issue 10
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# Energy ## Community energy * [Community Power Network]( * Solar... opment of solar co-ops; subsidiarity of Community Power Network * Solarize, a phenomenon that began in
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could lead to better governance. Democracy leaves power to the majority while epistocracy allocates power to the knowledgeable. Jones did not imply that democra
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/ ## Democracy and Economic Power Kelso, Louis O. and Patricia Hetter Kelso. _Democracy and Economic Power: Extending the ESOP Revolution_. Ballinger, 1986.
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sion for Today's World: Quotations on the Amazing Power of Cooperatives]( ision-for-today-s-world-quotations-on-the-amazing-power-of-cooperatives)_. Éditions Dorimène, 2012. * H
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tter Kelso. _[[Louis Kelso#Democracy and Economic Power|Democracy and Economic Power: Extending the ESOP Revolution]]_. Ballinger, 1986. * Upadhyay, Pankaj. "
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