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by the argument about reparations because current property is often the result of past rights violations. ... . * "Once we concede that the imposition of a property system on all people is unjust, we should still ask the further question of how that unjust property system should be structured to not commit further... ibution cannot justify forcing everyone to join a property system, it can at least compensate people who are
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is. _The Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property_. New York: Vintage Books, 1979. * _[Internatio... , 2004. * Radin, Margaret Jane. _Reinterpreting Property_ (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996). ... Commons: Commerce, Custom, and Inherently Public Property]( ew_ 53, no. 3 (Summer 1986). * Rose, Carol M. _[Property and Persuasion: Essays on the History, Theory, an
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uggest a 21st-century solution: a reallocation of property rights via legislation to provide more incentives... t the mobile phone provider. This redefinition of property rights (in jargon called “number portability”) ma... k, as we reroute a phone call." ## Intellectual property * Hesse, Carla. "[The rise of intellectual property, 700 b.c.–a.d. 2000: an idea in the balance](http://
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ovided * Argues that the waqf was a means for property-holders to achieve economic security and shield a... ding: piety, status, politics (854). "weakness of property rights made the sacred institution of the waqf a ... 55). (The waqf was therefore at once a removal of property from the private system and a strengthening of property rights.) * Distinction of "charity waqf" and "f
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ist, i.e. it is designed to favour the freedom of property owners, and the more you own, the freeer you are.... ge part of their freedom for security of self and property, and thereby enter into a contract with aSovereig... ckchains offer the ultimate prospect of protected property rights with clear rules, but without the politica
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ibus*"), while there are certainly provisions for property in church and secular law * Magna Carta / Charter of the Forest * [Thomas Aquinas on property]( "In cases of need, all things are common property" * 1525: The heretical confession of Anabaptist
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buy, rehab, and manage commercial and residential property in Northeast Minneapolis." * [NYC Real Estate I... ndreds join a new kind of co-op to buy commercial property in high-rent areas](
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ducation was reframed as a science and became the property of management academics rather than of practicing... urn. As a result, management education became the property of a small subgroup of rationalist economists rat
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inn, Joss. "[The Co-operative University: Labour, property and pedagogy](
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o become capitalists, expand the realm of private property, and energize a free enterprise economy." ### Bi
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_ * "[the commons is] the theory that vests all property in the community and organizes labor for the comm
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the formation of an economic alternative: Private property in the service of all](
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of Jackson's non-pigmented people and seize their property for redistribution to the city's black majority.
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tion agreement grants employers full intellectual property rights over submissions regardless of rejection,