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ght be better, rather than punishing thieves, to "provide everyone with somne means of livelihood" ([source... lements in cash — a negative income tax. It would provide an assured minimum to all persons in need, regard... h the benefits the guaranteed annual income would provide us. It would provide dignity for every citizen and choice for every citizen." * Buckminster Fuller write
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’s 2 million farmers belong to a farmer co-op and provide 250,000 jobs and over $8 billion in annual wages"... in turnover" * "In France, 21,000 co-operatives provide over 1 million jobs representing 3.5% of the acti... lution with industrial-scale utility, RChain must provide content delivery at the scale of Facebook and sup... he experience of the Tony Benn cooperatives could provide valuable lessons" * Kirkup, James. "[Tories pla
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from East Coast bankers and railroad magnates to provide young men educated in business." * Around tha... es" * "The historical findings on guilds thus provide strong support for the view that institutions ari... nable local economy by supporting businesses that provide products or services needed in the region", via t... ch research on stakeholder theory can continue to provide useful insights into the practice of sustainable
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ould establish a U.S. Employee Ownership Bank "to provide $500 million in low-interest rate loans and other... t al. (2013): progressive capital gains taxation, provide tax abatement only to companies with broad-based ... si et al. (2013) * Molk (2014), 950: subsidies "provide direct, visible support for starting new cooperat
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lity of the Services, the ability of Providers to provide the Services to Requesters' satisfaction, or the ... ith respect to Requesters or Providers, nor do we provide any recommendations. As a Requester or a Provider... lies on an ecosystem of third party developers to provide functional enhancements to AMT … Ideally, however
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that a 4-hour day would be more than adequate to provide a comfortable living for all." * IWW's _The Gen... ice. > > A Right Livelihood business will aim to provide its workers with sufficient time and money to pur
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t of the cooperative movement; and, finally, that provide for a (secondary) cooperative as the default stru... tive Emilia-Romagna. * Social co-ops, by law, provide: "a) educational and health services, b)agri
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. June 29, 2016. * "'Google, Apple and Amazon provide platforms that lots of companies depend on for su
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rization or heat pumps, but at least three co-ops provide financing for rooftop solar" * "With more thi
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iser, Stuart M. _A Piece of the Action: A Plan to Provide Every Family with a $100,000 Stake in the Economy
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eallocation of property rights via legislation to provide more incentives to compete. In fact, the idea is
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nesses the power of free, open-source software to provide civic organizations, legislatures, and political
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launched a website – – to provide an English language information resource for the
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laims of usage, not to produce commodities but to provide for the subsistence of their households. The cust
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d as a link instead. By adding ''?linkonly'' you provide a link to the media without displaying it inline
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