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cash cows. Management education became a business rather than a discipline." * "In the most recent per... e and became the property of management academics rather than of practicing managers. In the third period,... rty of a small subgroup of rationalist economists rather than of theorists of broader disposition." * ... ctive benefits. (687) - "Guilds were cost-sharing rather than price-fixing cartels." (688) * Critici
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tal features such as payment and length of a HIT, rather than its content), duplicate workers are more com... investors perceive them as *technology companies* rather than labor companies." * "The characterizatio... currently relies on worker invisibility." * "Rather than conducting HCI research to reveal and repres... port earning more than $50/week on the site), but rather are caregivers, college students, and the “bored-
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2.pdf) * This study focuses on hours per week rather than per year * Summarizing existing literatu... additional five hours at overtime rates)." * "Rather than organize our class at the point of productio... italism against itself. * "Marx himself was rather clear on this point. Near the end of Volume 3 of
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n sometimes occur with the intention of deepening rather than destroying democracy." * "there has been... experience of time and thus history." (70) * "Rather, he enjoins us to change our relationship with foundations, to embrace them tentatively, rather than in a totalizing manner, and locates precisel
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here does not stem from building community ties. Rather it is imagined to come from retreating from trust... and replaced by a novel electronic system." * Rather than exchange, the focus should be on measurement
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tax advantages, especially for private companies. Rather than buying company stock with wages, the program... board members, they are highly ranked executives rather than shop floor employees." * Emphasizes th
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d, including a reference that it might be better, rather than punishing thieves, to "provide everyone with... _convention/)": "Now we must develop progress, or rather, a program—and I can't stay on this long—that wil
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hy do you describe Facebook as a "social utility" rather than a "social network?" Zuckerberg: I
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rative is based upon educational entrepreneurship rather than district master agreements" * [Schools Coo
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generally suggest cooperatives have lower failure rather than comparable investor-owned rivals"; later att
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"that promote inter-cooperation by incentivizing (rather than by obligating) cooperatives to integrate; th
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men. In fear, we plan our Church with statistics, rather than trustingly search for it." ### "To Hell wi
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nationalization of Jackson's existing economy but rather for ensuring the local citizens can enjoy the ben