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s, nor have we ever been segregationists. What we're saying is that whatever our numbers are in a part... ay to those who continue to commit crimes that we're going to sit down at this table and make a promise: You're going to stop committing crimes, and I'm going to... ." * "Mayors typically don’t do the things we’re trying to do. On the other hand, revolutionaries
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# Crowdsourcing There are many terms for what we're talking about here: clickworking, collaboration, ... uch better to everyone’s benefit." * "if we’re the ones doing it [building the platform], we nee... make certain going forward with research that we’re not fixing issues with the site that Amazon or re... hers may (most likely subconsciously) continue to re-run an experiment until a falsely positive signif
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Multi-stakeholder co-op land ownership model * [Re:vision]( - "Since 2007, Re:Vision has worked with residents to transform a f... ing!!]( * [Re:Vision]( - "We've grown... ommunity-owned food system in the country. Now we're working on one of the first grocery stores owned
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"Electric co-ops are, frankly, more nimble. They’re relatively efficient organizations." / "This is a... hings that are difficult for you to deal with. We’re going to have no sacred cows except the fundament... ntal Policy Institute, 1979. * Farrell, John. _[Re-Member-ing the Electric Cooperative](https://ilsr
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or People a Basic Income for Life? That’s What We’re About to Test.]( eople who have no work, or no meaningful work, we’re going to have social unrest that could get people... cannot be done via central planning." * "we’re going to have to reckon with, I believe, in my li
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* Dewey, Caitlin. "[You don’t know it, but you’re working for Facebook. For free.](https://www.wash... 3/union-backed_taxi_service_starts_in_newark_amid_re.html)." _NJ.com_. March 20, 2015. * Uber *
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some minimum level of wages because frankly they're not very productive," [Jon] Messenger [, an exper... rly compensate, which is not just about money. We’re talking about providing a good atmosphere; good w
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of projects that generalize phone numbers so they're easier to use from computers, tablets, and any ot... thy. _{{ :public:schoechle-reinventing_wires.pdf |Re-inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Netw
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tive Currencies Are Bigger Than Bitcoin: How They’re Building Prosperity From London to Kenya](http://
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ebars. ===== Customize your Wiki ===== Once you're comfortable with creating and editing pages you m
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uardian’s open journalism, paywalls, and why they’re pre-planning more of the newspaper](
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gh. "[Can We Rehabilitate the Guilds? A Sceptical Re-Appraisal](
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iness networking, some are media portals. What we're trying to do is just make it really efficient for
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content. The parameter tells [[wiki:DokuWiki]] to re-render the page if it is more than //refresh peri
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[P2P Foundation]( * [Re:Common]( * [Remix the
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