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d the Book]( - "a research study at Arizona State University" ### Booksprin... n]( ## Surveys and research * [](http://www.academicsur... arch]( * [The Ethical Research Project]( * [... artSurvey]( - "a UK-based provider of digital survey
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# Open research ## Journalism Open journalism was an idea once, and it made a lot of sense, but the idea h... blication and peer-review platforms * [African Research University]( - aims... ly funded efforts to expand and improve access to research" * [Open Review Toolkit](http://www.openreviewt... ows you to keep key rights to your articles" ### Research and notebook platforms * [Authorea](https://ww
6 Hits, Last modified: - "an international research effort dedicated to understanding the transformat... "[Data ownership articles](" Brown University website on research ethics. * Evans, Barbara J. "[Much Ado about Da
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ize Shareholder Welfare Not Market Value]( ions began emerging in business education between research and skills * After WWI, "Frederick Taylor, a ... ndustrial Times](" _IRSH_ 53 (2008). * An introducti
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ergy Efficiency Improvements]( [Administration proposal]( to ... tance of member engagement and empowerment * "Research shows that a critical mass of around 15 percent o... t developments in Germany and a multidisciplinary research agenda](
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niversity of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, _[Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives](http://re... ology Cooperative]( * [Research Action Design]( - "Research Action Design (RAD) uses community-led research, transformative media organizing, technology development, a
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bers and people working in the field; carries out research that engages communities as collaborators, produc... * UMass Amherst: [Certificate in Applied Economic Research on Cooperative Enterprises]( ulus]( - "research explores a number of topics in labor economics, i... tions into de facto co-operatives by constituting research centres as co-operatives, embedding co-operative
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who is or becomes unemployed a life fellowship in research and development or in just simple thinking." * ... erty-rate-in-half-its-easy/280971/) * 2014: The Research Division of the St. Louis Federal Reserve produce... sic Income versus Unemployment Insurance](" * [Ed ... a safety net, we’d get more startups, or more new research, or more novels." * "But this still doesn’t
2 Hits, Last modified:" _Research in Organizational Behavior_ 37 (2017). ## Facili... 0597#.o6zjahu6k)." Medium. November 22, 2015. ## Research * [The Participatory Condition](http://www.pco
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tp:// - "a registry of digital research tools for scholarly use" * [Traditional Knowled
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ations/Gicheru.pdf)." Presented at the ICA Global Research Conference held at Mikkeli in Finland, 24-28 Augu
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* [Readings]( ## Community land trust
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ployee-owned private company. We have offices and research facilities in 100 nations spanning every continen
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"a recent study of U.S. public opinion by the Pew Research Center found no consistent age differences in Ame
1 Hits, Last modified: It is an experiment in [[:open research]]. These notes may be considered to be in the [pu
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