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laces with 15 or more employees, grants employees right to request without retaliation, a good-faith disc... , Inequality, and Work Hours: Was Thorsten Veblen Right?]( ionalism In the OECD rankings, the US is kind of right in the middle in terms of the workweek. But other... s saying: "What the woman who labors wants is the right to live, not simply exist — the right to life as
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aken in creating man in the first place. /n/nThis right to be is one which God has given to each of us re... l income * Varoufakis, Yanis. "[The Universal Right to Capital Income](https://www.project-syndicate.... voice*." * "Some of the best work happening right now, is the stuff being done in our free time—*th... eeply-regret-its-cowardice-on-basic-income/)" ## Right-wing politics Recent discussions ordered by date
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liberal notion" * "the recent success of right-wing populist parties neither indicates an increa... tions of mature democracies. To the contrary, the right-wing populist electorate is increasingly concentr... stitutions, we might overestimate the size of the right-wing populist electorates" * Right-wing base is shrinking, aging out of the population *
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freely, consciously and humbly give up the legal right you have to impose your benevolence on Mexico. I ... paragraphs. The law of the commons regulates the right of way, the right to fish and to hunt, to graze, and to collect wood or medicinal plants in the forest."
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Kaley. "[Denver’s Green Taxi Co-op Fights for its Right to Compete with Uber]( /denver%E2%80%99s-green-taxi-co-op-fights-for-its-right-to-compete-with-uber)." _Shareable_. January 18,
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](" _Right Side Broadcasting Network_. February 18, 2016. ... How about life without electricity? Not so good, right, not so good." Then he goes on to say that if peo
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ican." * Silvera, Ian. "[Jeremy Corbyn unveils 'Right to Own' John Lewis-style employee ownership polic... y](
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nnel_. February 25, 2015. * Jacobs, Alan. "[the right tools for the job](" _Text Patterns_. July 25, 2
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569), including setting wages. State reserved the right to intervene (570). * Proposes the imaginary
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The Italian constitution recognizes the value and right to cooperative enterprise * Confcooperative E
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olders, as the bearers of residual risk, hold the right to control the corporation and have incentives to
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not new. Patent law, for example, attributes the right to an invention to the company a scientist works
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ion and the defence of citizen journalism for the right to know, inform and be informed; the technical, c
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rt of a firm sold to workers (202) * [Community Right to Bid](
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