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ott * "[MXGM National Demands for Black Human Rights and Ending Police Terrorism](" February 12, 2015... * Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights * Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, esp. Ethan Earle and... d to Mississippi bar, worked on a number of civil rights cases and opposed capital punishment * 1999-200
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te_. July 22, 2014. * [Retail Workers Bill of Rights]( * Nichols, John. "[It Is Time for a Retail Workers Bill of Rights](" _The Nation_. December 1, 2014. * Schneide... ling-new/) initiative * [Retail Workers Bill of Rights]( * [Sustaining
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6346/sector/credit-unions/credit-union-took-civil-rights-path-become-national-lender/) * [Southern Grass... nn/autobiography-chapter20)." From _[Peace, Civil Rights, and the Search for Community: An Autobiography](... * Fannie ... Hamer * Mills, Kay. "[Fannie Lou Hamer: Civil Rights Activist](
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of Board at IEET, futurist, bioethicist,​ animal rights advocate, history buff, Buddhist, CrossFitter,​ B... ause current property is often the result of past rights violations. * Dolan, Ed. "[The Economic Case f... es. It shouldn’t further violate peoples’ natural rights, it shouldn’t benefit some people enormously whil... property system that nevertheless violates their rights. But it is not a further rights violation if a pr
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ement grants employers full intellectual property rights over submissions regardless of rejection, workers... out of surveys trying to cull a Turkers' bill of rights * "Unfavorable reviews on Turkopticon have pr... engage in such broad exclusions because the Civil Rights Act does not touch upon these workers. In fact, m
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l authorities endowing its members with exclusive rights" * "some political scientists have begun to a... of-commerce-alleges-seattle-collective-bargaining-rights-for-uber-lyft-drivers-violates-federal-antitrust-... rties are stakeholders. "the accordance of voting rights to these stakeholders must be strictly limited to
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r Addendum]( - "a legal instrument that modifi... publisher’s agreement and allows you to keep key rights to your articles" ### Research and notebook plat
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21st-century solution: a reallocation of property rights via legislation to provide more incentives to com... ile phone provider. This redefinition of property rights (in jargon called “number portability”) makes it
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ty, status, politics (854). "weakness of property rights made the sacred institution of the waqf a conveni... he private system and a strengthening of property rights.) * Distinction of "charity waqf" and "family
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al Broadband-Boosting Bills Would Enshrine Towns' Rights to Build Their Own Internet](https://motherboard.... ral-broadband-boosting-bills-would-enshrine-towns-rights-to-build-their-own-internet)." _Motherboard_. Jan
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raphy * King, Peter. "{{:source:king-customary_rights.pdf|Customary Rights and Women's Earnings: The Importance of Gleaning to the Rural Labouring Poor, 1750-1
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try Trends}}_ report, Huawei gets a D for workers rights. * [Glassdoor report](https://www.glassdoor
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( in the UK * Marcora Law (1985)
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redit unions to stock companies shows that member rights can be enhanced by floating shares in public mark
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offer the ultimate prospect of protected property rights with clear rules, but without the political inter
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