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ng young adults to take action" * [Credit Union Service Organizations]( - "Under United States federal law ... 2018. * [National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations]( * Urr... OPA (International Organisation of Industrial and Service Cooperatives)]( - "a sect
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negotiate better deals and ensure higher quality service all while make investments in sustainability and ... tps:// - Internet and VOIP service #### Timeline * 1978.11.09: [Public Utility R... Act * 1994: REA absorbed into Rural Utilities Service (RUS) in Department of Agriculture Reorganization... tor-owned utilities that preserved their existing service territories, preventing annexation of service ter
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Collecting emails is a violation of the terms of service, but "AMT workers are highly individualistic. Mos... ectionable conduct." * "THE SITE, THE PAYMENT SERVICE AND THE SITE SERVICES ARE PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS" ... 006, he announced: 'You’ve heard of software-as-a-service. Now this is human-as-a-service'" * "Because AMT’s participation agreement grants employers full intel
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operative that provides fiber and other broadband service * Koperasi Digital Indonesia Mandiri (KDIM), an... - "LARIAT.NET is a local Internet service provider based in Laramie, Wyoming. Founded in 19... etwork from copper to fiber throughout its entire service area." * [Wireless Nomad](https://en.wikipedia.... access * chisholm, matt. "[Cooperative Internet Service Providers](
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mer-members who receive electricity from us"—"The service territory extends from the mountains of Coal Cree... # Journalism * Free Speech TV * [Public News Service]( - Boulder-based, "a member-supported news service that advocates journalism in the public interest.
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"[FairCoin, a Fair Online Crypto Currency at the Service of Co-ops]( ews/faircoin-a-fair-online-crypto-currency-at-the-service-of-co-ops)." _CryptoArticles_. (Translation of [t... /28/le-faircoin-une-monnaie-en-ligne-equitable-au-service-des-cooperatives_4530892_4408996.html).) * Co
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"[Le faircoin, une monnaie en ligne équitable au service des coopératives]( /28/le-faircoin-une-monnaie-en-ligne-equitable-au-service-des-cooperatives_4530892_4408996.html)." _Le Mond
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e midst of "tertiary" society, where most work is service-based * a "prelude" on the preciousness of time... isure. Adam Smith and Kant's condescension toward service work. Questions the current valuation of labor (i
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n-deere/)." _Wired_. April 21, 2015. ## Terms of Service * [Terms of Service; Didn't Read]( - "We are a user rights initiative to rate and la
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_. October 29, 2014. * Greenhouse, Steven. "[In Service Sector, No Rest for the Working](http://www.nytim... f women’s labor force participation, and a larger service sector are all associated with more widespread pr
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(684) * Focuses on craft/manufacturing, not service guilds (685) * Craft guilds bought and sold
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n industries be owned in a cooperative manner ## Service delivery * Antonio (2004): Italian social co-o
1 Hits, Last modified: * "Crowdcrafting is a web-based service that invites volunteers to contribute to scientif
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an economic alternative: Private property in the service of all](
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he environment became primarily a resource at the service of "enterprises" which, by organizing wage-labor,
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