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tter20.pdf)." U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. March 12-13, 2013. * Context: [List of recom... ntrol over the quality, safety or legality of the Services, the ability of Providers to provide the Services to Requesters' satisfaction, or the ability of Requesters to pay for Services. We are not responsible for the actions of any Re
8 Hits, Last modified: - "provides independent voting services to Credit Unions. Developed and tested in real vo... g, intensive outpatient treatment, and vocational services" * Warner, Richard et al. "[The Quality of Li... /23348.html)." _Inc._ September 1, 2001. ## Tech services cooperatives * [Agaric]( - ... "a worker cooperative providing Internet hosting services and support to nonprofits, cooperatives, artists,
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aspx) - "a major provider of credit and financial services to the nation’s rural energy sector" * [Nationa... re third parties than ever before offering energy services, a solid OBF program can help a co-op maintain it... churches, synagogues, and schools purchase basic services like electricity and trash together as a group. W... cooperative that supplies coal and transportation services to consumer-owned electric utilities throughout t
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t CU Denver * [Community Enterprise Development Services]( - financing agency that... n transactional law while offering valuable legal services without charge to local startups lacking access i... ntensive outpatient treatment, and rehabilitation services" * Johnson, Cat. "[Why a Healthcare Entrepren... s to help others and obtain a fair wage for their services" * [Cooperative Community Schools](http://www.c
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cations provides Internet, cable TV and telephone services to portions of South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa";... ovides electric, telephone, cable TV and internet services" in Alaska * [RS Fiber]( ) - "Wiatel has been providing telecommunications services to our owner/members since 1949" in western Iowa ... coop/pub/us/internet/isp/) - "delivers a suite of services designed to make your ISP better. Our TrueBand li
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e Human Performance Laboratory and Student Health Services." ### Bibliography * Gregg, Melissa. "[Counte... ng referent or guide for our actions." * "App services and pointers turn ordinary activities into object... vation appear as rehabilitative marketing spin in services touted by GTD prophets today." * "time manage... re category of productivity tools. These software services include note-taking apps, brainstorming tools, an
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ce of economic development (office) to engage the services of a local nonprofit organization that supports a... enterprises within the division of small business services" * Stephens (2015) recommends city-sponsored co... atives a Democratic Co-production Agenda for Care Services in the UK]( o-operatives-democratic-co-production-agenda-care-services-uk)_. Cooperatives UK, 2014. * Fici, Antonio. "
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, by law, provide: "a) educational and health services, b)agricultural, industrial, commercial activi... a of different businesses that offer consolidated services), and financial (cooperative banks) networks. ... oth public and private firms in providing welfare services. * Categorizes social co-ops as third-sector
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hysical activities and providing access to health services" * Video: [Rev. Richard Joyner & Tobias Hopki... nity development program including various social services." * The dilemmas of federal loans; "One of th
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by supporting businesses that provide products or services needed in the region", via the Schumacher Center ... ) - "Let your users sell or rent goods, spaces or services online" * ShareNSave * steve [spez]. "[reddit
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ayer that dictates the terms of sale for goods or services." * "There are obvious risks to permitting sm... toward such suggestions as: disaggregating Google services across multiple firms; using government power to
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ooperative movement in the provision of insurance services * [Co-operative University College of Kenya](ht... sacco system. * In the 60s, "Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the Department of Cooperative Development
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bout community resources," grounded in WC3 [civic services schema]( ## Related * [[governance#open_governme
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wage-labor, transformed nature into the goods and services on which the satisfaction of basic needs by consu
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an * For privatization of public assets and services * RECOP - residential capital ownership plan
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