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certain small income, sufficient for necessities, should be secured for all, whether they work or not. A larger income … should be given to those who are willing to engage in so... In his 1980 book _Free to Choose_, he wrote: "We should replace the ragbag of specific welfare programs w... ere is no reason why in a free society government should not assure to all, protection against severe depr
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April 2014. * Summary: C.W. "[Proof that you should get a life]( siness needs and employee demands. * "workers should have access to data analytics that will enable th... ning_ * "Shorter hours at no reduction in pay should be a long-term objective for all union people, bo... hat is a step backward." (11) * "Overtime pay should be absolutely not necessary to supplement regular
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bution" * "our argument is not that antitrust should embrace redistribution as an explicit goal, or that enforcers should harness antitrust in order to promote progressive... tence that the efficiency benefits of big mergers should not be dismissed had a big influence on the court... and abuse market power." * "First, the agency should commit to blocking anticompetitive mergers outrig
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by\\ a whitespace \\this happens without it. You should use forced newlines only if really needed. =====... can use the following syntax: <code> I think we should do it > No we shouldn't >> Well, I say we should > Really? >> Yes! >>> Then lets do it! </code> I think we should do it > No we shouldn't >> Well, I say we shoul
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* Hart, Oliver and Luigi Zingales. "[Companies Should Maximize Shareholder Welfare Not Market Value](ht... earn [in Khurana's view] is that business schools should rebalance the curriculum away from theory and qua... They promoted the view that management education should focus on maximizing shareholder return. Other dif... "[Do you write for Reddit, Yelp or Facebook? You should own it too…](
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are practical reasons why the research community should avoid overusing shared participant pools such as ... presents a “commons dilemma” for researchers: It should not be assumed that respondents are naïve, and gr... . Furthermore, researchers using unique paradigms should track who has previously participated in their ex... o to back Turker claims about normative standards should Turkers take issue with a job’s research ethics.
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t really solve any sensible economic problem. Nor should it substitute for banks and the governmental inst... effective institutions, despite their flaws, and should not just be scrapped and replaced by a novel elec... ic system." * Rather than exchange, the focus should be on measurement. And transfers among currencies
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ors do not distinguish among ownership forms" and should, reducing regulation in targeted ways for co-ops,... visible support for starting new cooperatives and should thereby have an immediate impact on cooperative f... due obstacles in the startup phase, so incentives should be directed there. * Mutuo. _[Global Policy and
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edible (?) * Some guidelines about how things should be clear. * "In our People’s Assembly model, ... er our numbers are in a particular population, we should be able to participate in governance commensurate... monia, and pneumonia's rough." - "No, nothing you should worry about. Win or lose, I'm going to be around
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atic principle upon which this Nation was founded should not be restricted to the political processes but should be applied to the industrial operation." Source u
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ched benefits of citizenship to labor. Now, labor should be paid only with money, and other kinds of benefits of citizens should be independent of that. Calls for universal basic
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ich, Nic. "[What might a Coop Uber look like? (or should we be thinking bigger)?](" _Hello Ideas_. 2015. ##
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y are not; some are actively hostile. Legislation should require co-ops to be more efficient, promote cons
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rrow the definition. "'democratic consolidation' should refer to expectations of regime continuity-
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come to consensus around the actions politicians should take to make New York City a better place," part
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