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matting Syntax ====== [[doku>DokuWiki]] supports some simple markup language, which tries to make the d... owed by a whitespace or the end of line. This is some text with some linebreaks\\ Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or... whitespace \\this happens without it. This is some text with some linebreaks\\ Note that the two b
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r _On the Assistance to the Poor_, which includes some figments of a basic income proposal. * Vives ... ld be given to those who are willing to engage in some work which the community recognizes as useful." ... kely most of this money would be spent, providing some boost to the economy. We could require 10 hours ... to the idea of giving away money (though I think some redistribution of wealth is required to reasonabl
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achel L. "[Signs of Economic Promise Are Offering Some Hope for the New Year](" ... o achieve a minimum level of output or to achieve some minimum level of wages because frankly they're no... s adopted American work hours, they would consume some 25 percent more energy (putting their Kyoto Proto
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national-users-and-more) * "I’d like to see some comprehensive requirements for tasks that are pos... as a Mechanical Turk worker." * After trying some turking, "students are less likely to refer to tu... earch the old-fashioned way. But Phillips worries some researchers might be shying away from tough topic... ed – decidedly so." "Our biases were validated by some workers and challenged by others." * "Amazon
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regardless of if the Assembly makes decisions by some type of voting process or some form of consensus." * 3 types of assemblies: 1. United Front ... must deem the Assembly process credible (?) * Some guidelines about how things should be clear. ... uild this type of social movement vehicle." * Some historical notes on what assemblies can accomplis
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ogether to pass meaningful legislation to address some of the most pressing issues facing the country." ... ny co-ops are customer-friendly but many are not; some are actively hostile. Legislation should require ... tion aren’t the enemy; they benefit our members. Some see these technologies as disruptive threats to t... 73. * Lauter, David. "[REA's Tenacity Shows Why Some Government Programs Never Die](
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ndowing its members with exclusive rights" * "some political scientists have begun to adduce guilds ... n, the same industry could be strongly guilded in some societies, weakly guilded in others, and wholly u... ing, just ask." * Swarm operates in this way in some respects ## Cooperativism See: [[:Cooperativis... ion, and economic performance." * "reassesses some of the limitations and critiques of shareholder v
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librium for cooperative management, as opposed to some sort of maximization * Includes the "balanced... on from 1934 to 1999," cooperative (owned by just some of its stations) until 1952 * "[Mutual Broadc... k). * Provides little explanation (other than some state support) for how such enterprises would com... growth if the workers don't voluntarily reinvest some profits. "Something additional to worker self-int
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om Farm with a similar goal of providing food and some economic independence to local people. She remain... cernible movement only in the last two years with some strategic financial assistance from OEO and the Ford Foundation, Today there are some 40 of these cooperatives, democratically controll... f the Federation of Southern Cooperatives will go some distance in this direction by providing funds for
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mployee Ownership Center. August 13, 1987. * "Some of the task force’s recommendations were adopted ... rd Business Review_. September 24, 2015. * "Some U.S. lawmakers consider the company a security th... re 1.42 percent of shares in Huawei. / The rest - some 98.56 per cent - is owned by employees, according
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iffusion of economic and political power." * "Some industrial activities, for example, can easily be... terized as social networks have different goals — some serve the function of business networking, some are media portals. What we're trying to do is just make
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nally the assets had to be immovable, although in some places this requirement was eventually relaxed to... red a distinctly Islamic institution, though with some prefiguration among Middle Eastern societies (848
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sold to students does not come equipped with GPS, some believe that ORU is infringing on students’ priva... ntent with the mission of elevating the status of some especially brilliant people above the struggles o
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m most rob us in order to denounce them and build some alternatives society]( os-whom-most-rob-us-order-denounce-them-and-build-some-alternatives-society-0/)." Blog of Enric Duran. S
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Bitcoin Foundation. July 3, 2014. * Describes some of the problems with alternatives to the centrali... lly expressed that, sure, this thing is making me some money, but what it has really done is changed my
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