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) #### Bibliography * National Conference of State Legislatures, "[On-Bill Financing: Cost-free Ener... iciency-improvements.aspx)." April 7, 2015. * State by state listing of legislation around on-bill financing, as well as the co-ops and other companies prac... loans and tarrifs. [Here]( the distinction
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ealth: An Alternative To Corporate Capitalism and State Socialism]( s, John. _[Cooperative Commonwealth & the Partner State]( The Next System Project, 2017. ## Cooperativ... nership Center]( at Kent State University * In addition to ESOPs, involved i
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y the problem of welfare is you have this massive state apparatus, and you have all this bureaucracy that..., teaches entrepreneurship at North Carolina State University. Has a book coming out on _[How God Wo... rian capitalist. The idea of creating a socialist state where people are getting supported and not having... wing lives of “leisure”." * "In effect, the state could provide venture capital to the people. If o
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qually revolutionary, is the denial of the nation state structure and philosophy as such." * "One clo... ’." * "By renouncing the creation of a nation state and by pushing for democratic confederalism, what Ocalan has called 'democracy without a state', the Rojava experiment is acknowledging that the nation state is not the prerequisite for democracy any more, a
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y?_. Cornell University Press, 2014. ## "Partner state" * Bauwens, Michel. "[Blueprint for P2P Society: The Partner State & Ethical Economy](" _Shareable_. April 7, 2012. ... * Restakis, John. "[Civil Power and the Partner State](
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:// Irene Aguilar, MD (state senator); T.R. Reid, journalist; Jeanne Nicholson, RN, MS (former state senator) * [Executive summary of the economic a... Insists that ColoradoCare is not an agency of the state * "while ColoradoCare would be one of several... viders would be independent — not employed by the state." * "he fairly called out glitches and audit
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ssembly starting in 2007 to move Jackson, and the state of Mississippi, from “worse to first” in regards ... aphic area (neighborhood, ward or district, city, state, etc.)." * "another defining characteristic o... e Mississippi Sovereignty Commission]( e. [Sovereignty Commission documents](
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// * Kansas State University: [Arthur Capper Cooperative Center]( - "located in the Department of Agricultura... rker-coop-academy) with the SELC * North Dakota State University: [Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperati... operatives]( * [The state law](
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I: Ultranationalism and the Art of the Stateless State]( t-i-ultranationalism-and-the-art-of-the-stateless-state/)." _e-flux_. September 2014. * Staal, Jonas. "[To Make a World, Part II: The Art of Creating a State](" _e-flux_. December 2014.
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strategy of "professional licensure, such as the state bar for attorneys or medical boards" ## Codeterm... /hb17-1214)." 2017 Regular Session. * [New York State Senate Bill S6794]( * Scholz, Trebor. _{{:public:pcc_policy_brief.pdf|State and Federal Legislative and Executive Action Oppo
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cting philosophies piling up to shape its anxious state." ### Related * [[Cooperativism#Education|Coo... m-content-in-a-distributed-system)" - the Islamic State, specifically * flaburgan, "[Comment ça marc... nell & Simone de Colle. "[Stakeholder Theory: The State of the Art](
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ant institutional shareholders such as BlackRock, State Street and Capital Group. Together they own 10-20... of the plaintiffs to establish YouTube acts as a state-like actor ## Related * [[policies_for_cooper
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the internet is a technology premised on massive state and corporate investment in physical infrastructu... not as a realm ‘lacking the rules imposed by the state’, but as a realm imposing its own rules. It offer
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: Civil Rights Activist]( , and political influence." * First ran for state senate in 1971. * "Ill health filled Hamer’
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urnalism in the public interest. PNS's network of state-based news services distribute high quality publi... eurship at the University of Colorado" * [Solid State Depot]( - "the Bou
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