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ber 30, 2015. * [Benefit corporation (corporate structure)]( echnology champions a modern variant of the guild structure for modern "e-lancers", professionals who do most... -like" * Also a number of Ventures within the structure * Uses Loomio (which is an Enspiral Venture) ... )." _Ars Technica_. February 13, 2015. * "The structure of crowdfunding encourages overpromising and unde
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on making among individuals and an organizational structure based on cybernetic principles" * Valve * V... corporations for and how does Valve’s management structure fit into today’s corporate world?](http://blogs.v... d-corporations-for-and-how-does-valves-management-structure-fit-into-todays-corporate-world/)." _Valve Econom... mocratic groups to do process online. It provides structure to improve the efficiency of specific communicati
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promote savings and credit societies." * "The structure of the cooperative movement in Kenya places indiv... mbers at the bottom of a pyramidal organizational structure. The Cooperative Alliance of Kenya (CAK), formerl... ex body. Saccos fall under KUSCCO under a similar structure." * "Most of the primary cooperatives in Keny
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aircoin!]( * [FairCoop structure chart]( ## FairCoin * [Archive of original Fair
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according to the company." * A "convoluted" structure: "Huawei employees own both the company they work... involvement in governance. "the 'employee-owned' structure appears to be an attempt at distancing Huawei fro
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m * Reed, Ken. "[Green Bay Packers’ Ownership Structure Remains the Ideal](" _League of Fans_. April 6,
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required bending the rules, argues that the waqf structure fostered a culture of corruption (844), considere
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* "GTD erases any need to question the overall structure determining which things are important" * See
syntax @wiki
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n use up to five different levels of headlines to structure your content. If you have more than three headlin
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Co-Laboring? How Authority Moderates Project Team Structure](
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em as palliatives to ease the pain of a cancerous structure, the only hope that the prescription will give th
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revolutionary, is the denial of the nation state structure and philosophy as such." * "One close paralle
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am/) - a "collective" with a cooperative internal structure * Colorado HealthOP * Hutchins, Julia. "[Ho
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er co-op incorporation statute ## Organizational structure * Kelso and Kelso (1986): The proposer of the
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, 2013. * Emphasizes distinctiveness of co-op structure from other utilities * Co-ops have been more
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