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ooperatives and other community-based enterprises support one another by building linked supply chains, col... iative for reform. It will encourage, facilitate, support and promote reform initiatives within and between... ide content delivery at the scale of Facebook and support transactions at the speed of Visa" * "[RChain... ow a Network of Platform Co-op Accelerators Could Support Sharing Cities](
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avily overstate the age differences in democratic support. Second, the obvious age pattern in indicators of... oral values on which people base their democratic support have turned dramatically more liberal over the generations. As a consequence, support for democracy has changed its meaning: while olde... liberal notions of democracy, younger generations support an unequivocally liberal notion" * "the r
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y_ propses a land-value tax that could be used to support a basic income. * 1918: Bertrand Russell writes... ding advocacy group in Switzerland * [UK Greens support it]( Prize and Singularity University * [expresses support]( and mod of /r/BasicIncome." * "[Why Should We Support the Idea of an Unconditional Basic Income?](https
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# Policies for cooperation Policy proposals to support cooperative enterprise. ## Advocacy and convening ... k (2014), 950: subsidies "provide direct, visible support for starting new cooperatives and should thereby ... provides updates and revisions to current law to support the expansion of employee-owned enterprises or wo... * Kerr, Camile. _{{:source:kerr-local_government_support.pdf|Local Government Support for Cooperatives}}_.
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ng electric co-ops and encourage them to vote and support their co-ops and the communities they serve" - ho... gress** passed the Rural Electrification Act with support of John Rankin, Sam Rayburn, George Norris (Doyle... campaign trail, the president-elect expressed his support for rural energy co-operatives during a speech ho... ng by "taking co-ops public"; withholding federal support "after seventy years of subsidies" (45) * In
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rpose is to promote online learning technology to support the diffusion of co-operative knowledge (both for... /) * [Cooperative Excellence Fund set up with support from CoBank]( educational co-operative sector. We co-ordinate, support and give a voice to the 100s of Co-operative Trus... ommons, democratically controlled by academic and support staff, students, cleaners and others." * Winn,
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arn more. Please be aware that not all templates support sidebars. ===== Customize your Wiki ===== Once ... nd is just one of the many ways to get [[doku>faq:support|support]]. Of course we'd be more than happy to have you [[doku>teams:getting_involved|getting involved]]
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* "The Holy Trinity of bitcoin is the hardware support, the meshnet for powering the infrastructure free... itably ally themselves with oligarchic forces and support their political programs of the dismantling of so
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"[New democracies need about 8 years for popular support to develop](" _Ars Technica_. March 10, 2015.
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* "The guilds also maintained funds in order to support infirm or elderly members, as well as widows and ... historical findings on guilds thus provide strong support for the view that institutions arise and survive
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e socially responsible and government agencies to support both in their communities" * [Colorado Nonpro... provides access to quality, vetted technology and support services for small businesses at a discounted rat
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)_. Combustion Books, 2015. * Radical Routes. "[Support Women's Worker Co-op Bakery in Rojava](" GEO. Decembe
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olved in a variety of functions including startup support, technical assistance, marketing, lobbying, ethic
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in. "[Dynamo: Designing Interactive Technology to Support Social Movements in Digital Labor](
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time on Oct. 2." Meeting "was called to organize support for controversial African-American attorney Chokw
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