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e_9.9.14.pdf) * Cites a statistic that more than half of retail workers get schedules a week or le... nges to that * Changing a shift within less than 24 hours (without certain reasons) may result in ... s) has risen, and is now rising, much more slowly than he anticipated." * Rosen, Rebecca J. "[Why Do... ence that most experts do their thing for no more than 4 hours ### Environment * [Ashford, Nicholas]
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* Pomona appears to allow lower rates for MTurk than other research contexts. * Lots more inter... cipants are slightly more demographically diverse than are standard Internet samples and are significantly more diverse than typical American college samples" * "particip... tures such as payment and length of a HIT, rather than its content), duplicate workers are more common t
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uding a reference that it might be better, rather than punishing thieves, to "provide everyone with somn... * Standing, Guy. "[Cash transfers can work better than subsidies](" _... r Wilde: "It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating." * "We propose the easie
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e executives of responsibility for anything other than obtaining the desired financial results" (303). "... was subordinate to any societal institution other than shareholders was increasingly regarded as soft-mi... in 1987." Reputation was perhaps more significant than rigor. "The relentless demand pushed fees upward ... ws. Management education became a business rather than a discipline." * "In the most recent period,
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34-bitcoin-traffic-bulletin)" * "While less than ideal for users of Bitcoin, congestion of the net... on of Bitcoin is not going away, and it is deeper than currency." * "Bitcoin and other blockchain te... ponents, though, blockchain technologies are more than this. They are a replacement system, superior to ... rrillo, Raúl. "[Alternative Currencies Are Bigger Than Bitcoin: How They’re Building Prosperity From Lon
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al Electric Magazine_. July 20, 2016. * "more than 100 co-ops around the country help their members ... for rooftop solar" * "With more third parties than ever before offering energy services, a solid OBF... ric-cooperatives/): * 72% of co-ops have less than 10% average member-voter turnout * especially... city sector" * "70% of cooperatives have less than a 10% voter turnout" * "more than 900 electri
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al wages" * "100 million Americans turn to more than 6,000 Credit Unions for their financial sefrvices... gest purchasing co-ops alone had revenues of more than $12 billion." * "In 2004, the three largest con... ves in these six sectors employ considerably more than 500,000 Americans, with aggregate payrolls of more than $15 billion annually" * "total annual revenues
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ly suggest cooperatives have lower failure rather than comparable investor-owned rivals"; later attribut... ives broadly have higher measures of productivity than comparable investor-owned firms"; later attribute... (2016): "Worker cooperatives are more productive than conventional businesses, with staff working 'bett... entials are much narrower in worker co-operatives than other firms" ## Resilience in economic hardship
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majority black. / "Kush," the concept, is larger than Mississippi. It goes across the border into Louis... Southeast Arkansas. This is really a broader area than where we are, but we in Mississippi are the cente... entration of African Americans of any city larger than 150,000 residents in the U.S., Lumumba wants that... * Yarber: "I don't make promises to people other than to provide good government" ### Bibliography
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umbents). * "Democratic erosion may be better than democratic cataclysm because it is less likely to... imes occur with the intention of deepening rather than destroying democracy." * "there has been a ma... foundations, to embrace them tentatively, rather than in a totalizing manner, and locates precisely suc
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is based upon educational entrepreneurship rather than district master agreements" * [Schools Cooperat... ch greater in books published before World War II than in post-World War II books. I argue that the main
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ly is important" (954) * yet nothing is greater than "a well I contested American national election" (... h, by democrats of thorough and heart-felt faith, than boldly exposing the weakness, liabilities and inf
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lines to structure your content. If you have more than three headlines, a table of contents is generated... ki:DokuWiki]] to re-render the page if it is more than //refresh period// since the page was last render
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fear, we plan our Church with statistics, rather than trustingly search for it." ### "To Hell with Go... many ways the organization was much more secular than it has been described by Illich." * Begins by
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s first wireless broadband provider and have more than 20 years of wireless Internet experience" * [Ma... ications]( - "For more than 50 years, South Slope has served local eastern Io
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