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k" {{source:ashford-fourhourworkweek.pdf}} * "There is tentative evidence suggesting that working hou... culturally distinct parenting ideologies." * "There is some evidence that long work hours may lower c... iented leisure as compared to other places, where there is a particular focus on child care. * Karen S... e citizens of any other modern industrial nation, there is no longer any debate." - [John de Graaf](http:
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inimum income in _Law, Legislation and Liberty_: "There is no reason why in a free society government sho... n intrigued by the idea for a while, and although there’s been a lot of discussion, there’s fairly little data about how it would work." * "[Technology and ... )." Sam Altman (blog). January 28, 2014. * "there’s been increasing talk about a “basic income”—i.e
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rmally emerges during times of acute crisis, when there are profound ruptures in society. These types of ... on plans." * Underlying assumptions: 1. There must be a constituency capable of being mobilized 2. There must be experience and skill in facilitation ... es/sovcom/imagelisting.php) register his presence there through 1973, including [plans to create co-ops u
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ion suggests 2/3 resulted in price increases, and there were often reductions in R&D * Cases where me... e rule governing horizontal combinations." - "But there is no general collective action defense in antitr... the terms of sale for goods or services." * "There are obvious risks to permitting small players' co... iginal intent of the antitrust laws to argue that there as already been antitrust action against tech fir
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# Crowdsourcing There are many terms for what we're talking about here: clickworking, collaboration, dig... * comment on making researchers aware that there is a lot of unpaid work involved with MTurk life.... hese problems. For instance, it would be great if there was a better flagging mechanism, and if Mechanica... kely to be vulnerable to practice effects" * "there are practical reasons why the research community
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om Willy Street Co-op * Hoyt, Ann. "[And Then There Were Seven: Cooperative Principles Updated](http:... ce is the United States with 256 million members. There are nearly 30,000 co-operatives in the US. The ne... * []( - "What if there was an online directory of co-ops that anyone cou... mas. "[#BuyTwitter? German newspaper Taz has been there, done that.](
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n (8) * "as soon as histories are properly told there is no more need of romances" (19) * "there will soon be no more priests. Their work is done." (24) #... eligious element. All religions, old and new, are there." (949) * consensus now that democratization is... for a party name? I say democracy is only of use there that it may pass on and come to its flower and fr
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epening rather than destroying democracy." * "there has been a marked decrease in the length of time ... Great Britain appear to be deconsolidating, then there is strong evidence for revising our assumptions r... g democracies." * "Voeten points out that there are a good number of countries, including Finland, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, in which there was no erosion of democratic values until 2009"
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in others, and wholly unguilded in still others. There is no evidence that technological innovation was ... industry]( t_. October 23, 2014. * Charter stipulates "there are three things they will never do: sell their u... st contribution to society as a whole (as long as there are no externalities or single-price monopolies)"
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re naturali omnia sunt communia omnibus*"), while there are certainly provisions for property in church a... n Occupy Seattle after the fall of the occupation there. By the Port Shutdown, it was the major slogan for the movement there: “Everything for Everyone / the Revolution Has Begun.” There was an [Everything for Everyone Festival](https:/
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ns for the contest winners." * In comparison, there are no mentions of "Clinton" or "Kaine" according... entioned on p. 17, but no source is cited. * "There is a lack of robust cooperative business literatu... rency' of the 21st century"..."When trust is low, there is a 'trust tax' in the form of new transactional
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ile loans can be made interest cannot be charged. There are no banks at the moment, though there is a plan to create banks for holding savings, and private capi... position in a commune or a co-op. … In addition, there is a separation between management and financial
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an imitations of the North American middle class. There is no way for you to really meet with the underprivileged, since there is no common ground whatsoever for you to meet on... t of political economy." * "What a difference there was between the new and the old parts of Mexico C
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st of a major economic crisis for black farmers, "there has grown up a baby movement of black cooperative... ssistance from OEO and the Ford Foundation, Today there are some 40 of these cooperatives, democratically
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es_do_not_work|Mozilla Knowledge Base]]. However, there will still be a JavaScript warning about trying t... be added to the [[doku>entities|pattern file]]. There are three exceptions which do not come from that
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