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s, work is omnipresent, yet completely uncertain. These practices fuel under-employment and generate prof... , metrics and capacities that are programmed into these systems. ... We propose an intervention to instill in these systems values about work with dignity, metrics t... is expensive * "Employers have chosen to use these powerful tools to treat their workers as a cost t
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ll be received in the wild. … SurveyMan addresses these problems by controlling the experimental setup of... to be treated. Turkers have collectively authored these guidelines to help educate researchers and let Tu... reasonably introduce changes that could help with these problems. For instance, it would be great if ther... of research participants. We describe how both of these problems can be avoided using advanced interface
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Business leaders everywhere became eager to apply these quantitative methods to peacetime management prob... each of neoliberal economists. Student demand for these courses skyrocketed after economists proved unabl... ake economic gains through their participation in these contractual relationships. Questions as to the pr... tions of how best to ensure contract compliance." These parties are stakeholders. "the accordance of voti
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ts. Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. DokuWiki supports **bold**, //italic//, __und... . Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. You can use <sub>subscript</sub> and <sup>super... ==== DokuWiki supports [[doku>Interwiki]] links. These are quick links to other Wikis. For example this ... ]. DokuWiki supports [[doku>Interwiki]] links. These are quick links to other Wikis. For example thi
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and benefits, and nearly 1M jobs." According to these numbers, the revenue of co-ops amounted to 3.47% ... had revenues of $5 billion." * "Cooperatives in these six sectors employ considerably more than 500,000... s, collaborating on projects, and sharing funding.These interconnections start locally but build into reg... hat If Uber Were a Unionized, Worker-Owned Co-Op? These Denver Cabbies Are Making It Happen](http://www.y
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rt electric cooperatives to the potential risk of these lawsuits so that they m ay take appropriate actio... co-ops, convert those interests into securities. These reforms could unlock $3 billion to $9 billion of ... atives serve 42 million (mostly rural) Americans. These cooperatives cover 75% of the nation’s land mass.... ’t the enemy; they benefit our members. Some see these technologies as disruptive threats to the old bus
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ies neither indicates an increased voter base for these parties, nor does it signal fading civic qualitie... and in many European countries, voters supporting these parties and leaders are drawn disproportionately ... that younger citizens have suddenly lost faith in these values." The age variation has been consistent ov... * They do not offer a competing theory to explain these phenomena, they just insist that the previous con
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sis, when there are profound ruptures in society. These types of Assemblies are typically all-consuming, ... -police-terrorism/)." February 12, 2015. * "These are the minimal demands that the Malcolm X Grassr... fights for alongside the masses of our people. If these demands are not met we call on our people to beco... , accused of robbing an armored car, arguing that these were acts of war not criminal acts * 1988: Move
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s * Wisconsin Senate Bill 460 (2017) How could these incentives be applied to early-stage companies so... and heightened regulation of insurance companies, these cooperative advantages have diminished" * Molk
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bare, nor gather up the grapes that have fallen. These things you shall leave for the poor and the alien... r shall you gather the gleanings of your harvest. These things you shall leave for the poor and the alien
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illingness to work. * A divine sanction: "All these things God created, He put them in our large home... y that determines where it goes, and you have all these paternalistic tests by the government to decide w
2 Hits, Last modified: ## Blockchain platforms These may or may not directly have to do with currency.... ream society." * "It is only when we think in these terms that we start to see Bitcoin not as a realm
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activities. Within the framework of productivity, these users respond positively to forced deprivation." ... ay, has an entire category of productivity tools. These software services include note-taking apps, brain
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o houses, monuments, and buildings generally; for these are not, like the sea itself, subject to the law
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er acquisitions aimed at building global empires, these mergers were largely aimed at consolidating in Am
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