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ation since 2005" * "we want to encourage all those who are considering building a People’s Assembly ... to participate in governance commensurately with those numbers." * "The Republic of New Afrika advoc... far as my law firm is concerned. I can't do both. Those things are not compatible." * "I'm in a uniqu... e have to get them a job. Thirdly, we have say to those who continue to commit crimes that we're going to
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henomenon, the controlling forces in many cities; those not governed by guilds were termed "free" cities ... funeral benefits, and a 'tramping' allowance for those needing to travel to find work." * "Journeyme... o to anyone who would compel them to do either of those things." * B Corps must be certified by a t... to these stakeholders must be strictly limited to those who share the residual risk of the firm. Williams
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that contemplation and spiritual employments, and those things that more directly concern the mind and re... est…He works with salvific power in the hearts of those whom from the beginning he has destined for "rest... ll the more. The highest products of life are not those which are found in warehouses. Better than these ... ns, including how an employer treats an employee. Those who are in a better financial position and employ
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th century homestead acts, which provided land to those willing to farm them. Also, the "40 acres and a m... work or not. A larger income … should be given to those who are willing to engage in some work which the ... s basic income. It’s a win-win for the market and those who comprise the market. It’s a way to improve on... s to ensure that everyone has the means to refuse those jobs and take chances on more meaningful and ulti
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* "the data obtained are at least as reliable as those obtained via traditional methods" * "Our anal... ect's facial expressions? Can't do that on MTurk. Those researchers can, of course, just do their researc... d positions, and then building systems to resolve those political differences, we built a system to make ... complete control of subjects’ attention (such as those using cognitive load manipulations) are also not
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[[wp>emoticon]]s to their graphical equivalents. Those [[doku>Smileys]] and other images can be configur... w 2 Col 3 | Apart from the rowspan syntax those cells should not contain anything else. ^ Head... d use it to show that you quoted a file. </file> Those blocks were created by this source: This is
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k, and that the variability of the network allows those normally below the threshold to periodically jump... an imperfection, particularly the imperfection of those in power, but by implication the imperfection of
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– and we were overwhelmingly successful in seeing those candidates elected who supported our positions on... sts to customers, and, for larger co-ops, convert those interests into securities. These reforms could u
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f meeting you!" * "You can only dialogue with those like you - Latin American imitations of the North... nment as resource*." * "People called commons those parts of the environment for which customary law
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Apple and Amazon also in many cases compete with those small companies so that platform can become a too
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improve rural high-speed Internet access. One of those efforts is Wiatel. This small telecommunications
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ished in the past three years. The development of those co-operatives has boosted the confidence of our c
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ue to the directive from the state that compelled those engaged in similar economic activities to join sp
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ty to set rates, that’s a very big fear point for those of us that do health care delivery,' Mulready sai
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n tasks for them, prioritizing other things. * "Those in and out of short-term jobs and unemployment ar
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