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sion, and an explanatory answer * Reporting time pay of at least four hours for reporting to workp... es_. February 21, 2015. * Noguchi, Yuki. "[Part-Time Workers Struggle With Full-Time Juggling Act](" _
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# Time "Lack of time becomes an instrument of oppression" - Trebor Scholz at 2014 New School Digital Labor co... n Kline](source:hunnicutt benjamin kline). _[Free Time: The Forgotten American Dream](source:hunnicuit-free_time)_. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2013.
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# Guy Standing ## "Tertiary Time" Standing, Guy. "[Tertiary Time: A Precariat's Dilemma](,%20preprint%20for%20repository.pdf)." _Public Cul... 013): 5-23. * toward a progressive politics of time in the midst of "tertiary" society, where most wo
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ld like to see this happening and would volunteer time and effort to help make it happen. I have been ex... the platform], we need to be compensated for our time" * [Mturk Forum]( * [M... be good jobs, which meant that I wasted a lot of time on duds." * "I’ll also admit to occasionally ... Indian workers participate on MTurk for "killing time", and significantly more Indians treat MTurk as a
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// * [hashrate over all time]( - "Measuring cryptocurrencies in real time" * Levin, Jonathan. "[The 50% Club](http://jo... inDesk_. September 6, 2014. * "Reducing the time that it takes for information about new blocks to spread through the network would reduce time spent on redundant blocks and hence also reduce t
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at they can be replaced, with due process, at any time)." Also various other working groups are necessar... l, it's different in this respect: At no point in time did the Republic of New Afrika advocate for anyth... 'm going to get it accomplished. It was the first time in my life I came down with pneumonia, and pneumo... about. Win or lose, I'm going to be around a long time. But I'll tell you this: I don't intend to be in
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ry is that people would just sit around and waste time on the Internet. But maybe, if everyone knew the... Ventures]( * "[It Is Time for Basic Income](" March 21, 2014. * "It i... oviding for children will be addressed at a later time." * "in general our opinion is that Basic I
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inating Highland Park, one solar streetlight at a time]( operative serving middle Georgia. Throughout his time in office, he has consistently engaged the electr... tives in policy deliberations and always took the time to understand our issues. Electric cooperatives ... ary but, in the aggregate, co-ops could offer one-time benefits to their owners of three billion to nine
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there has been a marked decrease in the length of time that a country with a toppled democracy stays aut... lues." The age variation has been consistent over time. * Data on the near-linear relationship b... electoral support for authoritarian populism over time" * "If half of all supposedly consolidate... l of corruption show a similar deterioration over time" * They do not offer a competing theory t
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the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). At the time, Zhengfei had no idea what a stock option system was – not being familiar at that time with the types of incentives systems developed in the West. Around that time, China was still struggling with the aftermath of... ecently adopted a long-term incentive plan called Time-based Unit Plan (TUP). First piloted in 2014, TUP
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Laura. "[The Future of Facebook](,8599,1644040,00.html)." _Time_. July 17, 2007. * TIME: Why do you describe Facebook as a "social utility" rather than a "social
syntax @wiki
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1 Col 3 | ^ Heading 4 | no colspan this time | | ^ Heading 5 | Row 2 Col... Col 3 | ^ Heading 4 | no colspan this time | | ^ Heading 5 | Row 2 C... locks described in the previous section, but this time the name of the language syntax to be highlighted
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culture and insurance cooperatives organized at a time when lax regulation led to market contracting pro... ute, 2015. * McCauley, Lauren. "['An Idea Whose Time Has Come': Lawmakers Roll Out Plan to Expand Work... //
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ng Power: How Self-Help Credit Union turned small-time loans into big-time change_. Duke University Press, 2017. * _Co-op News_ [review](https://www.the... the cooperatives, however, have arisen since that time out of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements
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rees, you shall not go over the branches a second time; let what remains be for the resident alien, the ... apes, you shall not go over the vineyard a second time; let what remains be for the resident alien, the
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