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"the first international organisation that brings together Popular and Cooperative banking players from five... Workers]( Co-operatives UK, 2016. * Conaty, Pat, et al. _[Working Together: Trade Union and Co-operative Innovations for Pre... p/sites/default/files/uploads/attachments/working-together_final_web-version.pdf)_. Co-operatives UK, 2018.
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ps community institutions save money and do good, together. With CPA, churches, synagogues, and schools purchase basic services like electricity and trash together as a group. Working together, we can negotiate better deals and ensure higher quality service all while mak... ic cooperatives, we need a Congress that can come together to pass meaningful legislation to address some of
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the solidarity economy where we can begin to band together people so they’ll understand that a job is not a ... d live. If you have a cooperative you want to put together or to work with, come on down. Finally, we’re goi
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tives or other small economic units, binding them together in a network where the use of money is either min... Solidarity Economics and Corporate Watch have put together this website, which collates many of the availabl
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brings journalists and a community 
of volunteers together." ### The case of _The Guardian_ * Ellis, Jus... Network]( - "brings together free, full-text scholarly articles from hundreds
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rch mishap on Turkopticon, a group of Turkers got together to draft guidelines for academic/research request... ggest that "most workers are not trying to scrape together a living using Mechanical Turk (fewer than 8% rep
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agency staff and citizens of all stripes to come together to co-create a living democracy on planet earth."... atic Voting is a way for groups to make decisions together that achieves the greatest possible good for the
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l see later. / Then, that time which they had all together contributed to save, they used together too. They did not go out individually to spend in a private way the
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for people all over the world to build companies together online" * [Consensys](
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reliable community of students and educators who together can turn this institute into a non-profit grassro
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Assembly]( - "Where we band together to build." * [Bioecon](
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al network of companies and professionals working together to create a thriving society" based in Wellington
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he time that took to happen, society got its shit together on education, health, and the dignity of labor. I
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isadvantaged people" (4) * Co-ops can connect together into a "Joint Cooperative Group" to manage a comm
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uch as BlackRock, State Street and Capital Group. Together they own 10-20% of most American companies, inclu
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