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orce a newline** without a paragraph, you can use two backslashes followed by a whitespace or the end o... is some text with some linebreaks\\ Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a l... some text with some linebreaks\\ Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a l... lists. To create a list item, indent your text by two spaces and use a ''*'' for unordered lists or a '
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narrowed measurably over that period, and now the two rates are more or less equal." * Kwoka study ... covered by America’s five-yearly economic census. Two-thirds of them became more concentrated between 1... Daniel F. Spulber. "[Antitrust and Competition in Two-Sided Markets](" _Journal of Competition Law & Ec
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Required advance notice on minimum monthly hours, two weeks notice for changes to that * Changing... oSHYL)) * Imposed by a conservative gov't for two months to cut back on energy use during a resourc... sor if they are needed for the on-call shift only two hours before the shift starts." * "Almost all... duals are more than merely tools to be exploited. Two other laws relating to hours of work are mentione
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d as soft-minded and suspect" (304). * Quotes two official policy statements from the Business Roun... s." * "In 1908, Harvard University opened its two-year Graduate School of Business Administration. ... ans of spreading innovations across Europe * "Two of the most outspoken critics of the guild system... ered an effective institutional mechanism whereby two powerful groups, guild members and political elit
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of compensation on performance in the context of two experiments, conducted on Amazon's Mechanical Tur... icating that AMT data is reliable. I also present two new experiments on the reliability of self-report... ic variables reported by the same subjects across two different studies, and find between 81% and 98% a
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use of digital currency to alleviate inequality. Two programs we have initiated are the World Citizen ... * UBI and Paul Ryan: "This design comes with two immediate strengths that anyone who's read Ryan's... gasbord of assistance programs they face now. And two, because there's no cutoff after a beneficiary re
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d applications for you." * Deobald, Steven. "[Two Years Wiser: The nilenso Experiment](" _Grassroots Economic Organizing_.
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, 2012. * Kelty, Christopher M. _[[source:Kelty Two Bits|Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software]]_. Duke University Press, 2008. * Schneid
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n form as a discernible movement only in the last two years with some strategic financial assistance fr
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ecutive branches, eventually became the lesser of two evils, preferred over the morass that the combine
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"[Notes for a R-evolution 2 (version 2.0): Stage two: Vices vs. New Tactical Virtues](http://conservas
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ctric cooperatives will be five times what it was two years ago, according to data released today by th
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sit to Rojava * "The Rojava model is based on two main pillars which may prove very efficient in th
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rican society of achievers and consumers with its two party system, its universal schooling, and its Fa
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the Lumbwa Cooperative Society in 1908. For about two decades, the society was restricted to the settle
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