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Rochdale_Principles) #### Legal enforcement * United States * Colorado: § 7-90-601 stipulates that... du/summary/)_, counted 29,284 cooperatives in the United States. It found: * "The vast majority of coop... " * "Overall, nearly 30,000 cooperatives in the United States account for >$3T in assets, over >$500B to... ats/uscoopbus05.pdf) counted 21,367 co-ops in the United States (while noting that past counts have been a
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oto Protocol targets out of reach); meanwhile the United States would consume roughly 20 percent less ener... vel of weekly hours, however, working time in the United States appears less exceptional" (699) --- "In re... rs, the largest increases in working hours in the United States have been found among the most highly educ... 699) --- "Since 1940, average weekly hours in the United States have fallen among the less educated and ri
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) - "one of the oldest artist cooperatives in the United States" * [CoBank]( - "a... rg/RenewableEfficiency/RenewableEnergy.aspx) * [United Power Cooperative]( -... Country News_. June 19, 2009. * Highlights United Power's solar farm ##### Related * [[coopera... gence of rural community wireless networks in the United States}}_. University of Colorado master's thesis
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/liquid-democracy-is-not-delegative-democracy/)." United Diversity. July 19, 2013. * Noveck, Beth Simone... y/)." _MIT Technology Review_. June 2, 2017. * [United]( - a crypto-powered "liquid democracy" platform aimed at legislatures * [Xnet](ht
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ist-authoritarian parties can be observed; in the United States and in many European countries, voters sup... democracies including such important ones as the United States and Great Britain appear to be deconsolida
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onsensus." * 3 types of assemblies: 1. United Front or Alliance based Assembly - organized thro... documents received](
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ork]( * Solar United Neighborhoods * [DC SUN]( ## Legislation * [Solar United Neighborhoods Act (SUN Act)](http://communitypowe
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6: Four basic income experiments conducted in the United States. Significant impact on education. * 19... /everyone-s-share-of-the-pie) * Switzerland * United Kingdom * [An Occupy London discussion](http:
2 Hits, Last modified: model in the United States * [New Communities, Inc.](https://en.w... atives]( United States Department of Agriculture, 2002. * Schne
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his writing the majority of workers come from the United States and India because Amazon only allows cash ... ountries, with about 75% of workers living in the United States and India. Paolacci and Chandler report th
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ocky Mountain and Southwest regions" * [Western United Electric Supply Corporation]( ectric cooperatives, compared to just 32% for the United States’ entire electricity sector" * "70% of
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articipation & Self-Management Experiments in the United States and Europe_. New York: Harper Colophon, 19
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utual insurance company * Ohio Farm Bureau * [United Producers]( - massive
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ty Finance?]( United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
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roductory economics textbooks from Canada and the United States. Only 6 of the 17 even mention cooperative
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