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e for smileys. And the text to HTML conversion is used for typography replacements, but can be configure... mage Conversions ==== DokuWiki converts commonly used [[wp>emoticon]]s to their graphical equivalents. ... ither indenting them by at least two spaces (like used for the previous examples) or by using the tags '... XML feeds, [[|SimplePie]] is used. All formats understood by SimplePie can be used
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* Lists ways that scheduling software could be used to create a more sensible balance between busines... that "our present-day capabilities, intelligently used, could enable each one of us to work fewer than 1... ed out that the time saved on production could be used for education. Within three months, they gained n... h they had all together contributed to save, they used together too. They did not go out individually to
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articipant pools such as MTurk. For more commonly used methods and measures, the pool of MTurk workers p... who care about participant naïveté avoid commonly used paradigms and, at minimum, make an effort to meas... use it." --- complaints from workers are normally used by employers not to correct the transaction but t... lab, other internet survey)." * "Rand (2011) used IP address logging to verify subjects’ self-repor
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d Poverty_ propses a land-value tax that could be used to support a basic income. * 1918: Bertrand Rus... m, a digital currency pegged to the NZ dollar and used for basic income." * [CryptoUBI]( be easier to access and perhaps more efficiently used by recipients than existing programs.) * Argu
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eliminated altogether. … Syrian currency is still used, but while loans can be made interest cannot be c... he (non-existent) state, the term ‘police’ is not used." * Biehl, Janet. {{:source:biehl-rules_of_coop... n aid reaches Rojava. The troops of Rojava may be used to counter IS, it seems, but their social and pol
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e to see confirmation times of the order they are used to. When fees increase then miners reap the rewar... ge System]( - used by the [[Catalan Integral Cooperative]] * [Simb
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oup is exploring how blockchain technology can be used to prove the authenticity of its food in a pilot"
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out/) * "Everything for Everyone" in Seattle: Used by the [Free Association collective](http://freel
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"[Jubilating; Or, How the Atlantic Working Class Used the Biblical Jubilee Against Capitalism with Some
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lly do well. / Go way back to Cairo, Egypt. Egypt used to be black, but it attracted cultures from every
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* "The term democratic backsliding is frequently used but rarely analyzed. This explains why a careful
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nd ensure that these compulsory contributions are used effectively in the interest of the cooperative mo
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t your book manuscript into a website that can be used for Open Review" * Developed through Matthew
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iate impact on cooperative formation" and "can be used to encourage cooperatives in targeted areas where
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uawei is the suggestion that the company could be used to spy on behalf of the government in Beijing. Un
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