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es Should Maximize Shareholder Welfare Not Market Value]( shbuckling, iconoclastic champion of 'shareholder value'" (3). This was reflected in business schools, an... tors have largely given up on theorizing economic value creation and have retreated to entrepreneurship a... ship)." _The Guardian_. April 14, 2016. ## Open value networks According to [this wiki on the subject]
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st of the day he is employed in producing surplus value for the boss." --- "This accounts for the fact th... ment about the dignity of labor, and the Biblical value placed on work, as well as the Talmudic emphasis ... hics. On the contrary, the idea of an independent value . . . of work for work’s sake, can only be dismis... ctacle_. * has a concept of "temporal surplus value," building on Marx's surplus value. * de Graaf,
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eGoodData]( - "Using the value of your browsing data to help people in need" ##... Commons]( rongly Marxian terms (with an emphasis on surplus value), argues for "worker self-determined enterprises"... ive workers determine what becomes of the surplus value their labor produces---even to the point of disti
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ry George's _Progress and Poverty_ propses a land-value tax that could be used to support a basic income.... gnizing this unpaid work as having great societal value" * Snowden, Edward * In 2014 [interview](ht... thers”, to do something that they believe confers value and status."---"Wealth is better understood as co... something like $10 million US dollars at current value to every man, woman and child. And imagine that,
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* "'There will be an upper and lower limit on the value of Zooz tokens, so you won’t get the value fluctuations that we have seen with Bitcoins,' which have ranged in value from a few dollars per unit when they were first ... ‘hard currency’ reserve of cash equivalent to the value of the Zooz tokens in circulation, as a check aga
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2015. * [Sabir]( - "Measuring value in Commons-Based Peer-Production," conceived by P... nable, but also control the networks, and capture value from it." * Ehrbeck, Tilman. "[Central banks wa... ih, Patrick C., et al. "[Unequal Time for Unequal Value: Implications of Differing Motivations for Partic
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t|Workers' cooperatives and the transformation of value chains: Exploiting institutional loopholes and re... ociations' mutual funds, and upon dissolution the value of a co-op goes to the funds as well. * "Alth... ess * The Italian constitution recognizes the value and right to cooperative enterprise * Confcoo
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Danielle Kehl. _[Community-Owned Fiber Networks: Value Leaders in America]( Techno-social platform for sustainable models and value generation in commons-based peer production in th
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* "This division of labor enables the capture of value or reduction in cost while producing at the same ... ct: workers who were paid more also perceived the value of their work to be greater, and thus were no mor
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e relationship between participation and cultural value." ## Bibliography * _[A Charter for Democr
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cherish and protect before the market learns its value * A form of life that cannot be captured in a r
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ce are less obvious or necessary since the innate value of productivity is no longer questioned. It is no
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* New coin announced May 8, 2014 * [Market value charts](