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n, committee’s or action groups, to carry out the various assignments dictated by the strategy and action p... e replaced, with due process, at any time)." Also various other working groups are necessary. * The Jac... orical notes on what assemblies can accomplish in various kinds of circumstances. * Ends with Cabral an... ." Describes the circumstances of the case. * Various members of the community and national black natio
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xecutives); Manipulating elections strategically (various strategies for tilting elections toward incumbent... il 1998). * Consolidation has been defined in various ways, ranging from making democracies more secure
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kers’ compensation, unemployment insurance or the various other statutory protections that cover employees.... A tour of the Ubiquitous Human Computing pyramid"—various levels of crowdsourcing, from the most skilled to
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the development of Mondragon * Mathews, Race. [Various online texts](
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r Everyone}} This is a collection of notes about various forms of commons-based self-organizing by [Nathan
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sm)." GitHub. * "A list of github accounts of various news organizations" * [InterviewJS](https://int
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t/) - A study of participation on the Internet in various forms. * Saxena, Shalini. "[New democracies nee
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Science_ 3, no. 1 (spring 1972). * identifies various points of overlap between antitrust and regulated
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berwebsites.php)." _TTTThis_. August 19 2017. ## Various networking projects * [Commons In a Box](http:
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etter than these are books, pictures, statues—the various elements which belong to intellectual life, and w
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nsoring a community development program including various social services." * The dilemmas of federal l
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.ca/2013/11/blog-post.html)" ## Wiki companies Various approaches to organizing companies as either clos
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Christian co-op association in the region. It has various sub-federations based on sector. * Openup is
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Wire_. July 24, 2016. * "The priority for the various levels of Rojava government is to implement what
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uch... But to become an enfranchised man [listing various freedoms that entails] that *is* something" (947-
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