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e: Co-ops are reaching new customers with a novel way to pay for efficiency]( ve-co-ops-are-reaching-new-customers-with-a-novel-way-to-pay/424234/)." _Utility Dive_. August 17, 2016. * Pay As You Save (PAYS) as another way of presenting on-bill financing options, advocate... - Wisconsin REA that is leading the way in renewable development * "[Dairyland Power
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ncome_this_nonprofit_is_about_to_test_it_in_a_big_way.html)." _Slate_. April 14, 2016. * Sun, Joy. ... oductive. And I think figuring out a much better way to teach a lot more people about technology is likely the best way to make that happen." * Andreessen, Marc. *... be fascinating." * "We propose the easiest way to assess the amount of Basic Income needed to sa
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nately, bugs creep into surveys, much in the same way that bugs creep into computer programs: authors o... in the Mturk platform and the opaque and careless way that it is run. It didn’t take long for me to rea... course, just do their research the old-fashioned way. But Phillips worries some researchers might be s... ge-scale requester: "“You can work in a different way, you can work much faster, you can try things. To
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market systems was growing rapidly and making its way into the political and legal system. The French R... their members and political elites to negotiate a way of extracting rents in the manufacturing and comm... something, just ask." * Swarm operates in this way in some respects ## Cooperativism See: [[:Coop... el community-based nonprofit that offers a simple way for citizens to create a sustainable local econom
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Incarnation in a unique and typically missionary way." - expect this to be "extremely painful" * "... as hopefully beloved or adopted ones without any way of returning the gift." But, "I was equally impre... acationing salesmen for the middleclass "American way of Life," since that is really the only life you ... s of the North American middle class. There is no way for you to really meet with the underprivileged,
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did not go out individually to spend in a private way their extra time. The group had earned that extra... red rest. Attention is to be directed to God in a way that is more concentrated and steady than on ordi... Path: Right Livelihood: > Working in a Buddhist way means seeing your daily working life as an opport... h being alive…Our challenge is to be awake on our way to work, while at work, and on our way home from
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atively-run food businesses" * [The Cooperative Way]( - Consultanc... Cooperatives. * 1953: _[Milk: The Co-operative Way]( U... ive and experiential resources that transform the way people think, learn, teach, work, and act" * Vi... * Cakebread, Caroline. "[Uber is exploring a way to repair its relationship with drivers: equity i
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inGecko]( - "Easiest Way to track Cryptocurrencies" ## Bitcoin history a... d to help out, since bitcoin and Occupy are, in a way, philosophically aligned." * "being on the gr... perior to existing institutions in every possible way. When amplified to this extreme, though, the appa
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thew. "[Guardian says open journalism is the only way forward](" _Gigaom_. March 1, 2012. * Ingram, ... tists, scientists, and technologists changing the way we teach and learn" * [Hypothesis](https://hypo
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hat happens to cities (that) really do well. / Go way back to Cairo, Egypt. Egypt used to be black, but... eed here is a new culture. It's a new idea, a new way, a new justice frontier. We have not only a black... a new blend of people. / "It's a new idea, a new way, a new justice frontier. We have not only a black
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t that thrives through user contributions. A good way to stay informed on what's going on and to get us...|DokuWiki User Forum]] is an excellent way to get in contact with other DokuWiki users and i
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:// - "aims to radically change the way Web applications work today, resulting in true da... ber 1995) * Zingales, Luigi and Guy Rolnik. "[A Way to Own Your Social Media Data](https://www.nytime
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reconstitute their ownership and governance in a way that will permit democratic decision-making in th... thinking the idea through, partly inspired by the way 800 schools in the UK have recently become co-ope
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nership." - "[The Conservative Case for a Commons Way of Life](," _On the Commons_ * Bollier, David. "[A
2 Hits, Last modified: - "Quadratic Voting is a way for groups to make decisions together that achiev... Lalley that it is the only optimal and practical way to make collective decisions." * [Countable](ht
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