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es and/or questions pertinent to a community." - "we define it as a body that engages at least 1/5th o... s been in continuous operation since 2005" * "we want to encourage all those who are considering b... stitutional vehicle of 'dual power' seriously, as we think this is the primary reason to build this ty... asses of our people. If these demands are not met we call on our people to become 'ungovernable' throu
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re. In his 1980 book _Free to Choose_, he wrote: "We should replace the ragbag of specific welfare pro... her King Jr. said in 1967 SCLC speech, "[Where Do We Go From Here?](": "Now we must develop progress, or rather, a program—and I
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December 1, 2014. * Schneider, Nathan. "[Have We Seen the End of the Eight-Hour Day?](" _The Nation_. May 11, ... rk at the expense of *how long* they work" * "We found that across all countries, control over one... ities that are programmed into these systems. ... We propose an intervention to instill in these syste
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# Crowdsourcing There are many terms for what we're talking about here: clickworking, collaboration, ... fic Academic]( - "We enable researchers to draw on a diverse workforce... the meantime, participants earn extra cash." --- "we connect academics and participants straight away"... - "we adopt the view that surveys are effectively progr
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ing businesses" * Langer-Croager, Rani. "[Why We Are a Cooperative](" Uptima Business Bootcamp bl... aims to enable its members to live a better life. We want to do this on a large-scale, with one millio... embers in Australia, extending internationally as we are able" * [Reforming the Cooperative Movement
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er]( - "a major provider of credit a... :// for member organizing * We Own It staff. "[Cobb members stop coal plant, end... and go solar](" We Own It. April 27, 2016. * Leroux, Ricky. "[Ju... and trash together as a group. Working together, we can negotiate better deals and ensure higher qual
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_CryptoCoinsNews_. December 23, 2014. * "[Why We Won’t Be a Part of the Bitnation Crowdsale (3 let... ation team)](" Oct... at I realized was that for true bitcoin adoption, we needed hardware. Tons of software was being devel... k our ASIC production when the time came." * "We can’t have a monopoly in mining. It's not very go
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onal efficiency to shareholder return. The lesson we need to learn [in Khurana's view] is that busines... Indian examples (6) * Ogilvie, Sheilagh. "[Can We Rehabilitate the Guilds? A Sceptical Re-Appraisal... 5) Followed by examples. * "Across Europe, as we have seen, the same industry could be strongly gu... " * [Assembly]( - "Where we band together to build." * [Bioecon](http://www
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-op Development Center]( ## Art... in Colorado to become a certified B Corporation, we count many in the B Corp community as our clients... Shared Spaces]( - "We ensure that the Denver Metro is home to a dynamic... ) - "a cooperative laundry owned by the hospitals we serve. Today we serve 32 hospitals and many clini
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* a "prelude" on the preciousness of time. "yet we have no politics of time. We have little appreciation of the inequality or inequities of time." "We need to appreciate that time is a basic asset. ..... tion." * "In tertiary society, time is invaded. We are unable to maintain boundaries of activities."
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rative Leadership Camp]( (ages 7-18) * [Co-op Development Center]( * [Sc... apex body of the educational co-operative sector. We co-ordinate, support and give a voice to the 100s... ion)." _openDemocracy_. April 23, 2015. * "if we are to have the universities we want to work in w
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y_ 25, no. 1 (fall 2011). * Koponen, Jarno M. "[We Need Algorithmic Angels](" _TechCrunch_. April 1... June 30, 2017. * "For a 21st-century problem, we suggest a 21st-century solution: a reallocation o... e creates — what is known as a “social graph.” If we owned our own social graph, we could sign into a
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You can use the following syntax: <code> I think we should do it > No we shouldn't >> Well, I say we should > Really? >> Yes! >>> Then lets do it! </code> I think we should do it > No we shouldn't >> Well, I say w
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ent]( - Tristan Harris. "we believe in the possibility of an economy that’s b... items were pocket watches" * McCrosen: “Maybe we’re so deeply saturated with the imperatives of clock time that we want to put it away,” she said. “Maybe we don’t want it on our wrist anymore. Maybe we don’t need it.
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d rest to initiate a spontaneous healing." * "We must acknowledge that missioners can be pawns in ... this. * "Instead of believing in the Church, we frantically attempt to construct it according to our own cloudy cultural image. We want to build community, relying on techniques, a... is striving to express itself among men. In fear, we plan our Church with statistics, rather than trus
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