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tice for changes to that * Changing a shift within less than 24 hours (without certain reasons) may ... oved to Europe’s work/leisure balance (putting it within close striking distance of its original Kyoto tar... decide the timing of their hours either freely or within limits set by their employer. Large proportions o... saved on production could be used for education. Within three months, they gained nine hours on a 48-hour
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the updated estimate shows that employment in or within the scope of cooperatives concerns at least 279.4... acilitate, support and promote reform initiatives within and between cooperatives and mutuals" * [We Own... // - "Catalysing growth and awareness within credit unions by empowering young adults to take ... as an effort in integrating the database systems within the Wedge Community Co-op in Minneapolis" * [
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tion of co-operative values, ideas and principles within co-operatives, communities and society." * [C... se Program]( within the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Managem... economics, including the organization of workers within firms, participatory workplace practices and empl... es." * "Since 2010, academics and individuals within the co-operative movement have been thinking the
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easingly concentrated among older generations and within marginalized social classes" * Findings d... en for the least supportive cohorts and only vary within a narrow corridor" * "Since it has become... es precisely such an understanding of foundations within democracy, which in its essentially historical pr
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ociation with a firm. Career ambition was couched within the terms and the "social ethic" of a company and its standing within a community (Whyte 1956). By contrast, today's wo... m in maintaining a healthy balance of activities. Within the framework of productivity, these users respon
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of their technologies and the fun of their work. Within these relations of exploitation, where among the ... human computation. Tactical media, one tradition within activist art, emphasizes developing urgent, cultu... iberal than the general population.' Furthermore, within the US’s MTurk workforce, Asians are overrepresen
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ystem. When men and money are sent into a society within the framework of a program, they bring ideas that... to find their vocation as competent professionals within their own community." * "The American Church
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Production in the Neoliberal University: Working Within and Against ‘Deliverables’](
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-owned sustainable energy cooperative. We operate within a regional network of Community Energy Cooperativ
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g an advisory panel on employee-owned enterprises within the division of small business services" * Step
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cooperative-like" * Also a number of Ventures within the structure * Uses Loomio (which is an Ensp
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/) - "stimulates employee-ownership opportunities within the Rocky Mountain region in the form of ESOPs an
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asic Income for adults is a no-brainer." * "Within 40 years, $1,000 machines are expected to have co
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time. * Distinguishes *horizontal* (consortia within sectors), *vertical* (across sectors, such as bet
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ntrepreneurship is encouraged in Rojava, but only within the framework of cooperatives." * The Washing