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er * [[#purchasing|Purchasing]] * Utility * Worker ### U.S. scale According to the [2014 NCBA annu... rative Alliance (ICA) since 1947" specializing in worker, social, and freelancer co-ops * [We Own It](... oped by CICOPA, the international organisation of worker cooperatives" * [Confédération Internationale d... llaborative management approach to start and grow worker cooperatives, democratic ESOPs, and other social
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odetermination * US Congress S.2605: Calls for worker representation on corporate boards ## Conversion... * Vieta, Marcelo. "[The Italian Road to Creating Worker Cooperatives from Worker Buyouts](" ... ption in mind? ## Credit union lending cap Many worker co-op advocates believe that if credit unions had
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// * [Worker FAQ]( * "Workers in India have the option of receivi... // nt 4 hours, half a work day, as a Mechanical Turk worker." * After trying some turking, "students are
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ac Super Bowl]( * A library worker: ["Reclaiming Time on the Clock"](http://iwwmiami... , and Angela R. Grotto, "[It’s All about Control: Worker Control over Schedule and Hours in Cross-National... music and art. You have nothing that the humblest worker has not a right to have also. The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too. Help, you women o
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eding out inefficient models * Pérotin (2016): "Worker co-operatives survive at least as long as other b... eding out inefficient models * Pérotin (2016): "Worker cooperatives are more productive than conventiona... -executive pay differentials are much narrower in worker co-operatives than other firms" ## Resilience i... mann (2000) * Hueth (2014) * Pérotin (2016): "Worker co-operatives retain a larger share of their pro
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e]( * [Green Worker Cooperatives - Co-op Academy](http://www.greenwor... (CED) Clinic's collaboration with Mondragon and]( integration of cooperative and labor law" * [Worker Cooperatives course at the Murphy Institute](http... * [Co-opera
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tps:// - a defunct worker co-op incubator * [Food co-op directory](http:/... / - Denver-based unionized worker co-op * "[Save P&L Printing!!](https://fundly... he Rocky Mountain region in the form of ESOPs and Worker Coops" * [Walk2Connect]( - Worker co-op "Creating whole health outcomes through inn
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ive.single.html)." _Slate_. January 19, 2016. ## Worker ownership * Bernie Sanders US Senate website: * "[Sanders Bills Would Boost Worker-Owned Businesses](" July 23, 2012. * "[Worker-Owned Businesses](
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# Employee ownership (and worker control) Not including outright [[cooperativism]]. ## Codetermination ... /2018/4/6/17086720/poll-corporate-board-democracy-worker-council-codetermination-union-labor)." _Vox_. Apr... * [Huawei]( - apparently worker-owned telecom hardware maker * Official "[cor... ality Under Threat by the Talented: Evidence from Worker-Managed Firms](
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ooks, 2015. * Radical Routes. "[Support Women's Worker Co-op Bakery in Rojava](" GEO. December 5, 2016. *
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ain." * [Goalboost]( - a worker cooperative that produces software for time and b... ies the individual. It elevates an elite class of worker beyond the concerns of the ordinary and the colle
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rvaez, Alfonso A. "[Louis O. Kelso, Who Advocated Worker-Capitalism, Is Dead at 77]( 1991/02/21/obituaries/louis-o-kelso-who-advocated-worker-capitalism-is-dead-at-77.html)." _The New York Ti
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all while make investments in sustainability and worker equity." Based in the DC area. * [Co-op Power](
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elissa. "[Eight Cities Have New Co-op-Style Black Worker Centers -- and They're Tackling Unemployment](htt
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p conversion * Huawei - a large, controversial, worker-owned Chinese hardware company; see [[enterprise#
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