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AYS model, and anticipates an initial run of five years — ultimately, about 7% of the homes in the territ... munity energy groups in the UK for the last seven years, helping people set up over 30 successful renewab... Tri State’s membership."---"DMEA currently has 23 years remaining on a wholesale power contract with Tri-... c cooperatives will be five times what it was two years ago, according to data released today by the Nati
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es appears less exceptional" (699) --- "In recent years, the largest increases in working hours in the Un... ying campaign for the Six Hour Day." * "Fifty years ago the American Federation of Labor called for a... ng hours" * "German economists concluded many years ago that a 20-hour week would suffice to meet soc... "Benjamin Franklin similarly wrote, more than 200 years ago, that a 4-hour day would be more than adequat
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jects regulations, originally written over thirty years ago, do not address many issues raised by the uni... s, but also enables wage theft." * "In recent years, however, Amazon appears to have cut off internat... urkopticon’s sustained dissent over the last four years has qualities of adversarial design [15]; the sys... ." * "We have maintained Turkopticon for five years. It has become a staple worker tool, with more th
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DCASTING SYSTEM SIGNS OFF THE AIR AFTER ALMOST 65 YEARS OF BROADCASTING}}." _Weekend All Things Considere... (IS4C)]( - "started a number of years ago as an effort in integrating the database syst... plications for you." * Deobald, Steven. "[Two Years Wiser: The nilenso Experiment](" _Grassroots Economic Organizing_. * [O
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ve risen in most rich countries over the past ten years but the increase has been biggest for American fi... increase of corporate return on capital in recent years * "Unlike earlier acquisitions aimed at build... t-antitrust-lawsuit-netscape-internet-explorer-20-years)." _The Ringer_. May 18, 2018. * Manne, Geoffre
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wireless broadband provider and have more than 20 years of wireless Internet experience" * [Magnolia Ro... ]( - "For more than 50 years, South Slope has served local eastern Iowa commun... ttp:// - "distilling 20 years of learning and experimentation into an easy-to-d
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vid. _[[source:Graeber_Debt|Debt: The First 5,000 Years]]_. Melville House, 2011. * Slater, Matthew. ["... unit of development." * Stinchcombe, Kai. "[Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain](
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have become more critical of democracy in recent years, but this does not mean that younger citizens hav... rtoloni-fear-of-elected-crop.pdf) * "In the years preceding the Constitution and its plan for a sin... ecame less effective during the Confederation years. The approach outlined in the Constitution, with
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that is possible today, easy to accomplish in 20 years, and necessary in 40 years." * They anticipate this replacing all means-tested welfare programs, i... e for adults is a no-brainer." * "Within 40 years, $1,000 machines are expected to have computing p
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l you this: I don't intend to be in office for 12 years. I think that's too long. I have enough sense to ... erside speech. "I’d never listened to until a few years ago—I read it and it’s just as good as anything M... y capitalism. That’s something we would have done years ago. We were ideologues." - "We’re still carriers
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* Saxena, Shalini. "[New democracies need about 8 years for popular support to develop](http://arstechnic... .com/science/2015/03/new-democracies-need-about-8-years-for-popular-support-to-develop/)." _Ars Technica_
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in 1971. * "Ill health filled Hamer’s last years. She had had polio as a child and had been steril... rm as a discernible movement only in the last two years with some strategic financial assistance from OEO
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the new and the old parts of Mexico City only 20 years ago. In the old parts of the city the streets wer... . Hyde’s intellectual course for the next several years was set." ## Bibliography * Cayley, David. [I
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e. Some co-ops were established in the past three years. The development of those co-operatives has boost
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t paints a picture of the economy that we want 30 years from now. This would be "An Economy that Works fo