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-# Family 
-  * "At its root, the Distributist movement sought a practical, community-oriented alternative to the inequality of capitalism and the bureaucracy of socialism. To fulfill this vision, Distributists advocated for family farms, family-run businesses, a return to craftsmanship and community self-reliance. When large enterprises were inevitable, such as industrial factories, they advocated worker-run cooperatives to give people a greater share of ownership."​ - "[The Conservative Case for a Commons Way of Life](http://​onthecommons.org/​magazine/​conservative-case-commons-way-life),"​ _On the Commons_ 
-  * [Ketubah](http://​www.chabad.org/​library/​article_cdo/​aid/​465168/​jewish/​The-Marriage-Contract-Ketubah.htm) 
-## And work 
-  * Miller, Claire Cain and Liz Alderman. "[Why U.S. Women Are Leaving Jobs Behind](http://​www.nytimes.com/​2014/​12/​14/​upshot/​us-employment-women-not-working.html)."​ _The New York Times_. December 12, 2014.