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"Fifty years ago the American Federation of Labor called for a 30-hour work week (the U.S. Senate even pas... From Hunnicutt's _Free Time_: * "what Edwards called 'necessary secular business' ... were decidedly m... ued in 1931 for shorter hours and against what he called a "new gospel of consumption" designed to justify
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* Cahill, Tom. "[Meet the Employee-Owned Chain Called Walmart’s Biggest Nightmare]( sed stock options * Obama administration often [called for reducing ESOP tax incentives](https://www.pla... i has recently adopted a long-term incentive plan called Time-based Unit Plan (TUP). First piloted in 2014
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* 1930s: Huey Long's Share Our Wealth movement called for a guaranteed income of $5,000 for every famil... /) * 2006: Charles Murray's book _In Our Hands_ called for a $10,000 cash grant to replace all welfare p... “VC for the people” has a more common name. It is called a universal basic income." * "[The Political
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rom the *environment as resource*." * "People called commons those parts of the environment for which ... acted specific forms of community respect. People called commons that part of the environment which lay be... an arts organization in Puerto Rico with a school called La Ivan Illich. * Paul Mayer & Ned O'Gorman *
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cooperative healthcare system. It was previously called [the Colorado Health Care Cooperative](http://www... nt — not employed by the state." * "he fairly called out glitches and audit irregularities with Connec... _Health News Colorado_. May 20, 2015. * "Now called ColoradoCare, the group previously know as the Co
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ing for democratic confederalism, what Ocalan has called 'democracy without a state', the Rojava experimen... s of the democratic self-government,. It would be called the social economy." * "About 80 percent of t
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our native mother/father land" * "My teachers called ourselves the Provisional Government of the Repub... eting for the first time on Oct. 2." Meeting "was called to organize support for controversial African-Ame
1 Hits, Last modified: Bernie Sanders' platform called for "Creating Worker Co-ops" in May 2015. *
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om pitch through publication. Our unique model is called *public-powered journalism*." * kleinmatic. "[O
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ean Power Plan." * Cash, Cathy. "[‘Co-ops Vote’ Called a Success](
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imekeeper. * In 1968, "she started what she called a Pig Bank with the help of the National Council
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y telework for multiple employers." * "Groups called guilds exist in online communities such as massiv
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. This redefinition of property rights (in jargon called “number portability”) makes it easier to switch c
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functions on its own native crypto tokens, aptly called Zooz. They’ll be housed on the Bitcoin Blockchain
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* "I’ll also admit to occasionally being the so-called lazy turker. When I saw my pay rate dipping below