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supposedly most efficient for closer to 6. * Even so, does paid employment really deserve the whole... onization can work in favor of full time work and even widen the hours gap. (702) * By the week, US ... e Day Week became universal (the 40-hour week was even enacted into U.S. law in 1938), and in the 1930s ... r called for a 30-hour work week (the U.S. Senate even passed a 30-hour law, though it was defeated in t
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h helps make the human element of Mechanical Turk even less visible to programmers. * [Emergy Berger... unwittingly) caused damage and pain in Turkland, even with IRB approval. After a recent research mishap... e percentage is closer to 50% and it may decrease even more. India is now a major contributor of workers... New Deal may as well have never happened." * "Even in its early stages, Mechanical Turk was a “Jeff
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income: "It is a very interesting idea. There are even libertarians who believe in UBI. They say basical... )." _Financial Times_. October 31, 2014. * “Even if there’s going to be a disruption on people’s j... e market. It’s a way to improve on capitalism and even democracy, by making sure everyone has the minimu... s second-best to libertarian utopia, and it might even be necessary in one * More unemployment not n
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lkit/on-bill-financing) the distinctions are made even more clearly. * Walton, Robert. "[Pay As You Sa... bitious and began acting like not-for-profit or even for-profit businesses from 1985 to the present." ... With appropriate rate design a coop can survive, even thrive while lowering their customers’ bills."
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-between a Constituent and Mass Assembly." * "even though the current practice in Jackson tends towa... time we have to be movers of the people." * "even though we’re great revolutionaries, we’re worried
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ty to a workplace that is felt to be omnipresent, even ambient" * "The story of productivity is the ... like “Self Control,” “Omnifocus,” “Rescue Time,” even “Freedom,” productivity solutions offer liberatio
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y accept the possibility that they are useless or even harmful, although they give all they have. They m... re so linguistically deaf and dumb that you don t even understand what you are doing, or what people thi
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as Rojava effectively exists under embargo, with even the most basic of supplies very difficult to impo... o their price is kept as low as possible." * "Even as the US-led coalition supports the YPG/YPJ in i
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ly not a call for worker cooperation, exactly, or even worker ownership, as Wolff is open to a variety o... comes of the surplus value their labor produces---even to the point of distinguishing between the "produ
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neral collective action defense in antitrust law, even for small players confronting a dominant upstream... rust case for Google, as well as an argument that even the largely foiled antitrust suits against IBM an
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ers are addressed, and to the extent this is done even more value may be created for each." * A fram
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evels of democratic support are astoundingly high even for the least supportive cohorts and only vary wi
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code or design to the app’s development. You can even earn the ride-sharing crypto tokens just by getti
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ose the area either with ''%%<nowiki>%%'' tags or even simpler, with double percent signs ''<nowiki>%%</
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of life that cannot be captured in a rule * Why even the poor need not go hungry * A term with odd g
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