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supposedly most efficient for closer to 6. * Even so, does paid employment really deserve the whole... onization can work in favor of full time work and even widen the hours gap. (702) * By the week, US ... e Day Week became universal (the 40-hour week was even enacted into U.S. law in 1938), and in the 1930s ... r called for a 30-hour work week (the U.S. Senate even passed a 30-hour law, though it was defeated in t
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h helps make the human element of Mechanical Turk even less visible to programmers. * [Emergy Berger... unwittingly) caused damage and pain in Turkland, even with IRB approval. After a recent research mishap... e percentage is closer to 50% and it may decrease even more. India is now a major contributor of workers... nder why their tasks are not being completed—and, eventually, to engage with workers through Turkopticon
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as Rojava effectively exists under embargo, with even the most basic of supplies very difficult to impo... o self-organised farmer cooperatives." * "The eventual aim is to build the entire economy of Rojava ... is a police association. The plan in Rojava is to eventually abolish the police, although as the Asayis ... ly stages of the revolution, some of the economic events were conducted expeditiously. Priority was give
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lkit/on-bill-financing) the distinctions are made even more clearly. * Walton, Robert. "[Pay As You Sa... ." * Trump, Donald. "[Full Speech: Donald Trump Event in Gaffney, SC (2-18-16)]( bitious and began acting like not-for-profit or even for-profit businesses from 1985 to the present." ... With appropriate rate design a coop can survive, even thrive while lowering their customers’ bills."
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income: "It is a very interesting idea. There are even libertarians who believe in UBI. They say basical... )." _Financial Times_. October 31, 2014. * “Even if there’s going to be a disruption on people’s j... e market. It’s a way to improve on capitalism and even democracy, by making sure everyone has the minimu... s second-best to libertarian utopia, and it might even be necessary in one * More unemployment not n
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ed." * "being on the ground in Shenzhen would eventually allow us to fast track our ASIC production ... ng because it takes care of your living expenses. Eventually you’ll be able to hook it up to APIs where ... just a passing curiosity, a damp squib that will eventually suffer an ignoble death by media boredom. I
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tion wiki. * Ignaczak, Nina Misuraca. "[Chicago Event to Launch Chamber of Commons](" _Shareable_. Sep... of life that cannot be captured in a rule * Why even the poor need not go hungry * A term with odd g
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-between a Constituent and Mass Assembly." * "even though the current practice in Jackson tends towa... outside institutions. It can be thought of as an event, a process, and an institution. * "an Assemb... time we have to be movers of the people." * "even though we’re great revolutionaries, we’re worried
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f Finance and Economics in 1881 was another major event in America’s management education history. It wa... post-modernity; each change was a response to the events and political philosophies of the day." * W... ers are addressed, and to the extent this is done even more value may be created for each." * A fram
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y accept the possibility that they are useless or even harmful, although they give all they have. They m... . * Footnote: "This talk was delivered on the evening of Saturday April 20 at St. Maryrs Lake of the... re so linguistically deaf and dumb that you don t even understand what you are doing, or what people thi
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ty to a workplace that is felt to be omnipresent, even ambient" * "The story of productivity is the ... like “Self Control,” “Omnifocus,” “Rescue Time,” even “Freedom,” productivity solutions offer liberatio
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typically donating a building or plot of land or even cash for Muslim religious or charitable purposes ... ble, although in some places this requirement was eventually relaxed to legitimize what came to be known
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ly not a call for worker cooperation, exactly, or even worker ownership, as Wolff is open to a variety o... comes of the surplus value their labor produces---even to the point of distinguishing between the "produ
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neral collective action defense in antitrust law, even for small players confronting a dominant upstream... rust case for Google, as well as an argument that even the largely foiled antitrust suits against IBM an
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evels of democratic support are astoundingly high even for the least supportive cohorts and only vary wi... gely separate legislative and executive branches, eventually became the lesser of two evils, preferred o
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